Up & Running Diary does Ironman

I want to give a shout out to my very dear friend Alessia Polemi Stehle. She completed Ironman Zurich last Sunday with a rockin’ time of 12:52:46.

Alessia at the finish line; photo by her husband Mark Stehle (www.markstehle.com)
Alessia at the finish line; photo by her husband Mark Stehle (www.markstehle.com)

Alessia decided a year ago to tackle this race, then when we launched our Up & Running training diary came out in December she thought it would be the best way to track her workouts.


She now lives in the States but on a trip back to Italy in March she let me  peek at her workouts. I love how she utilised every single space of the diary. Ladies, take note: consistency rules!

write here

What I love about a written diary is that you can go back and check out what you did and when. She was super consistent with all three sports but still hadn’t done any long (Ironman relative!) workouts. Also, note how she changes pen colour at every page – this alone would get me excited about training!

Doodles too!
Doodles too!

I love the grateful comment to her parents and how she cheered herself on. In retrospect the “need warm weather” comment was an omen since there was a heat wave in Zurich on race day. It was so hot they didn’t allow wetsuits on the swim and yet she still rocked her race. Brava Alessia!

I won’t try and talk you into an Ironman, but if you’d like some diary action we can help you with that instantly. Just remember to mix up the pens for maximum return!