HAM Plan – Day 31


Several years ago I went to see a nutritionist to help me get in shape for my triathlon season. She asked me to bring along any sort of nutrition plan I’d used in the past. I laid them out on the table, she looked them over then ever so gently asked me, “Which one of these worked the best for you?”

She wasn’t going to hand me a magic formula or whip me into diet submission. What she helped me understand was that I knew what worked; I just had to implement it.

Self portrait during today’s skipping sequence

We could talk about nutritional tactics forever, there are so many points of view and, in the end, it’s all about finding out what works best for you. Right now I’m not paying particular attention to what I eat since I’m not in a heavy training mode. That will all change in the next week when I go back to scheduled workouts. My big goal this year is 70.3 Ironman Salzburg. I have definite goals for that race and my nutritional habits need to support my training.

In this past week there were two very important issues that came up for me while concentrating on the HAM Plan and I wanted to share them with you.

Giving myself permission.

I had a definite drop-off in appetite for anything sugar laden or sweet. I think this is because it’s the first time I’ve given myself permission (within my own rules) to eat what I wanted. With nothing off limits, even in my head, I no longer find myself wandering towards food I really don’t want. I’ve tried this in the past but I think that I never gave it enough time.

Feeling the nothingness.

I have hypoglycemia and really have to watch how I eat for it not to act up too much. With my rule of eating only my three meals per day I had to really tune into my stomach to hear what it was telling me not only during meals, but especially between them. Yesterday I had a distinct moment in the afternoon where I went several hours of feeling nothing. I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t stuffed, I didn’t have those stomach stirring of hypoglycemia.

I can’t describe it other than saying it was a feeling of nothingness and I don’t know why but it scares me a little. I’m so used to filling my days up with cooking food or cleaning up and then thinking about the next meal, eating, digesting… that when there is nothing it’s weird. It’s definitely something I want to meditate on and explore in the future. Like 2013!

  • Breakfast –  1 caffe latte + 4 oat crackers with 5 almonds
  • Lunch –  2 eggs + 1/4 c. yogurt + 1 apple + 20 almonds
  • Dinner –  I feel safe to say that I will not be overeating or trying to cram in last minute foods. Just enjoying some red wine (my favorite!) and my family’s company!
  • Exercise – 15:00 run + 10 x 100mt skipping + 15:00 run
  • Weight – * + 0.1 kg *


I just watched the midnight fireworks over Edinburgh Castle – there’s a fab view from Gareth’s home office window – and realised I’d not done my HAM post! We have friends over right now so I’ll be quick and not clutter up Julia’s lovely post above and be back soon with End Of HAM thoughts. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Breakfast – Porridge with apple and cinnamon
  • Lunch –  Leftover soup
  • Dinner – Chili con carne with rice, guacamole & salad leaves. Slice of cheesecake. Handful of M&Ms. Handful crisps. Half a glass of bubbly.
  • Exercise – 30 mins walk