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How much do you really eat?

While on the HAM Plan in December I got some nice comments but the most recurring one, even from friends, was, “You don’t eat very much, Julia.” I was never hungry on the HAM Plan and also thought I was eating plenty… for a 52 year old woman in menopause. So, I just wanted to… [Read More]

Shauna’s HAM Plan Wrap-Up

When Julia and I set out on our Happy And Mindful Plan a month ago, my primary aim was to avoid my trademark December lardification. I can stack it on so very quickly if left unattended! It worked a treat in that respect – I’m up one kilo up from my 1 December weight. That’s a great… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 31

Julia Several years ago I went to see a nutritionist to help me get in shape for my triathlon season. She asked me to bring along any sort of nutrition plan I’d used in the past. I laid them out on the table, she looked them over then ever so gently asked me, “Which one of… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 30

Julia I’m scrambling to finish up some work that really needs to be put to bed by tomorrow, the last day of 2012. I spent a lot of time in front to the computer so decided to do exercises and yoga positions during my writing breaks every 30 minutes. I also walked a bit; from… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 29

Julia I worked all day on client training plans so no interesting photos, except my one moment when I went outdoors… I doubled my run time today, from one minute fractions to two. My leg felt fine while I was running and now I have to start the ever so patient job of building back… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 28

Julia Piero got it into his head that he was going to take Evan and I to see Le Grotte di Castallana. It’s a Grotto here in Apulia that was discovered in 1938. I had a ton of work to do plus…um, it didn’t sound like my kind of thing. He was insistent and wouldn’t… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 27

Julia We were invited to a friend’s house for dinner and I thought I did really well. Actually, I probably deserve some kind of medal for refusing all the carbo laden dishes. I stuck to protein and a raw vegetable dish that was near my plate. I was actually feeling pretty smug until they brought… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 26

Julia Here in Italy we are still on holiday, today being “Santo Stefano”. But having grown up in the States to me it’s just the day after Christmas. I take it off because I’m forced to; there are no stores or shops open and everybody is still in holiday mode. I worked most of the… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 25

Julia When I went on my morning walk I encountered about six other people either running or walking down the road. I always find saying hello to people an experiment in social behavior. Sometimes they won’t look at you, won’t allow their eyes to glance your way, pretending you are not even there. Other times… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 24

Julia Ever since I was a little girl my family has always celebrated Christmas on the Eve. My Father worked at a radio station as an announcer and always got stuck with the Christmas Day shift. To make up for it  they  gave him Christmas Eve off. All my childhood memories are of Christmas Eve;… [Read More]