HAM Plan – Day 26


Here in Italy we are still on holiday, today being “Santo Stefano”. But having grown up in the States to me it’s just the day after Christmas. I take it off because I’m forced to; there are no stores or shops open and everybody is still in holiday mode. I worked most of the day on a project and then did this…

“Congratulations on entering the 2013 EMF Half Marathon. Your entry is now approved…”

Just the half, but I get to run it in Edinburgh! For all the ladies in Scotland who’d like to come to the JJ Running Festival, Ryanair has just reinstated the super inexpensive Bologna-Edinburgh direct flight.

  • Breakfast –  Coffee + ½ banana + 4 rice crackers with tahini and jam
  • Lunch –  Seafood risotto + artichoke + 2 oranges
  • Dinner –  3 panzerotti* with mozzarella and 1 with chocolate
  • Exercise – Nothing formal, probably about 5km of walking to and fro
  • Weight – * +0,6 kg *

*like pizza dough, stuffed, folded and fried. Not slimming but very scrumptious… eaten in HAM fashion!


A quiet, leftover-o-rama day at home. Unlike Julia today is a real holiday for me – the obligatories are done and it’s sacred hide away from the world time. I’m feeling out of sorts today so think I will head off to bed instead of rambling at you all!

  • Breakfast – Coffee. Bagel and a satsuma.
  • Lunch – Leftover trifle!
  • Dinner – Leftover Christmas dinner – turkey, stuffing, veggies. Small bowl of leftover chocolate pudding.
  • Exercise – No formal exercise, just rearranging a lot of furniture!
  1. biobabbler
    I see that Julia's running plan is taking her very near Shauna... coincidence? I think not. =) Schweet!