HAM Plan – Day 27


We were invited to a friend’s house for dinner and I thought I did really well. Actually, I probably deserve some kind of medal for refusing all the carbo laden dishes. I stuck to protein and a raw vegetable dish that was near my plate. I was actually feeling pretty smug until they brought the desserts out. That was plural.

Loved the table setting…

I did my best, I even pretended to eat a cake with cream on top that was put right in front of me. You can do that by mushing it around but not actually eating any. In any case I’m officially FOODED OUT. Full. Stuffed. Not interested in eating anymore, thank you.

  • Breakfast –  caffe + 4 rice cakes with tahini + jam + half a banana
  • Lunch –  orecchiette (pasta) with meat balls + 2 oranges
  • Dinner –  salami + ham + sausage + various raw vegetables +  3 chocolate wafer cookies + 1 bite of some pastry + 10 sugar almonds + 1 glass of wine
  • Exercise – 1:10:00 fast walk
  • Weight – * + 0.7kg *


I’m writing this on Day 28 as I didn’t have any internet access last night.

I’d always wondered if those foil space blankets actually keep you warm but figured I’d never find out as I’m never going to run a marathon. But I got to try one out today! My sister and I had treated each other to a Spa Day for Christmas. We’d been looking forward to our day of relaxation and pampering for about six months but as always seems to happen when we do these things, it didn’t quite go to plan.

I’ll spare you the long story but the most memorable incident was halfway through the facial. I was nestled under the blankets wearing only my undies and a faceful of exfoliating grains when the fire alarm went off. It wasn’t a drill. I grabbed my trackies and t-shirt before we evacuated because there was no way the world needed to see my neon white flesh wrapped in nowt but towel and knickers. We joined the dozens of guests in various stages of undress, shivering out the front of a hotel (I pitied the poor buggers straight out of the pool!). Luckily they found some space blankets (which worked a treat!) and flip flops.

I kept getting the giggles just imagining my mother saying, “Are you wearing a bra?” as is her habit. Half an hour later the fire brigade had sorted things (a tumble dryer gone rouge in the laundry room, apparently) I was back on the pampering table having the exfoliating grains chiselled off my frozen face. It was a hoot of a day!

Spa Day carpark interlude
Carpark interlude
  • Breakfast – Flat white. Tomato and mozarella croissant
  • Lunch – Cheese and tomato sandwich. Pile of salad leaves. Tea.
  • Dinner – Onion soup. Slow cooked beef with kale and potatoes.
  • Exercise – 60 mins walk
  1. pj geek
    Ladies, I could read these kinds of post every day. I will miss them when you stop . It reminds me about what is enough, taking it a day at a time, not restricting but not overdoing, and then sometimes you never know what your going to get--sheep standing up for olives or a mid facial for real fire drill. Happy New Year.
  2. Cath
    I agree with pj geek above - can we persuade you to keep blogging/HAM Planning post Christmas? :) I look forward to the updates every day and it's really reassuring to see how you manage your diet and exercise in such a down to earth and kind way.
  3. Shauna
    Thanks gazillions PJ & Cath, that's so cool to hear! :) :) :)
  4. Julia
    @ Shauna - I started laughing out loud at "it wasn't a fire drill". Scenes from a movie! @ PJ & Cath - so glad you're enjoying! We'll have to decide on what to do for January :-)
  5. Tessa
    Shauna, I was laughing so hard I nearly peed myself LOL! I can just imagine you and your sister standing around sheepishly in flip flops and crinkly blankets. Hee hee. (sorry)
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