HAM Plan – Day 24


Ever since I was a little girl my family has always celebrated Christmas on the Eve. My Father worked at a radio station as an announcer and always got stuck with the Christmas Day shift. To make up for it  they  gave him Christmas Eve off. All my childhood memories are of Christmas Eve; unwrapping presents with my siblings and celebrating. On Christmas morning we’d open Santa’s presents with just my Mom and then go to morning mass.

I felt an instant bond with my husband’s family when I found out they had the same tradition. So tonight not only did Santa come to visit us, we also had our largest celebratory meal. I thought I did pretty good, HAMwise. I did go overboard on the nougat, but it was so delicious! It was a special nougat from the town of Tonara in Sardegna. The ingredients are nuts (in this case almonds), honey and egg whites. That’s it. Totally totally worth the X pieces that I ate.

Santa also has been keeping tabs on what I’ve wanted because he brought me this…

A clay pot multi-layered sprouter!

Thank you Santa! I can’t wait to get back home and start sprouting beans and seeds in 2013!

  • Breakfast –  Caffè latte + 4 rice crackers with tahini and sugar free jam + 2 mandarines
  • Lunch –  Pasta with garbanzo beans + 1 piece focaccia + 4 mandarines + small pastry 
  • Dinner –  Squid with potatoes (awesome!) + grilled calamari + carrots with tomatoes + 1 glass of red wine… then… ½ piece of pandoro + ½ piece of panettone + X pieces of almond nougat + 2 glasses of champagne
  • Exercise – 30:00 run + 30:00 yoga
  • Weight – * + 0.2 kg *


Ho ho ho! What a rockin’ day. First of all, Gareth dug up some of our homegrown leeks and despite the endless rain they turned out great. Sadly we can’t say the same for the parsnips!

Then the Christmas Prep frenzy began. It’s our fourth year hosting Christmas lunch and we get more organised and streamlined each time. We’ve got so much ready in advance – even the table is set. Tomorrow should be quite relaxed. I feel so bloody zingy and efficient, woohoo!

We had some leftover ingredients from making the trifle so the only logical thing to do was to make a small Stunt Trifle, just to make sure the main one will be okay tomorrow. Quality control and all. We’re just about to sample it then get on with some more Borgen. Happy days. Merry Christmas to all my Southern Hemisphere pals!

  • Breakfast – 2pc toast – 1 Vegemite, 1 strawberry jam. Coffee.
  • Lunch – Homemade lentil soup, 1pc bread. 1 satsuma.
  • Dinner – Coffee Table Picnic as per yesterday, but smaller portion in order to make room for a wee bowl of Stunt Trifle!
  • Exercise – 30 mins walk – extra fun as all the kiddies jumping around on the streets waiting for the local Santa to arrive – he does a lap of the village on the back of truck.

Christmas List

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    Stunt Trifle. LOL.