Your last chance for 5K glory this year!

Kids race at the JJ Running Festival

Welllllllll… technically we suppose there are other ways you could reach 5K glory. But we wholeheartedly reckon that our eight week course is the best, most supportive and most fun way to do it!

Our final 5K Beginners Course for 2013 starts next Monday 3 September.

Here’s the good word from some of brand new 5K graduates, fresh from their finish line just last week:

“No wonder my daughter loved and raved about this course so much! It beats the other programs hands down!”
— Juanita, USA

“I would be LOST without my pink plans, LOST I tells you!!! I am really really enjoying being able to get out there and just run, and feeling fit, and having core strength again, and being able to walk fast without my shins/ankles screaming – I feel like myself again instead of a useless failure, I feel positive instead of desperate. The mental stuff is helped by other things as well as the running but the running is a big part. This course came around at exactly the right time, thank you so much, both of you.”
— Kat, UK

“I am totally in love with the amount of support I have received through the program, both from its administrators and participants. These ladies actually make you want to get out there, in spite of the many obstacles life throws in our way.

Wanna know what else is really cool? I’m actually looking forward to my runs. For the first time in my adult working life, I’m excited for 4:00pm to roll around so I can get out of my work clothes and head out into the fresh air and spend some undisturbed time with me, myself and I.”
— Georgia, Australia

You can read more about the Course here and please hit us up in the comments if we can help with any questions. We’d love to meet you in class next week!

Photo: The kids race at this years JJ Running Festival. Can you handle the cute!?