Together in the icy spring

This was the view across to the local power station yesterday morning, Day 1 of the supposed Spring 5K and 10K courses.

Spring my arse

Meanwhile our Aussie compadres were reporting sizzling temperatures in their alleged Autumn. The weather was determined to make fools of our course labelling.

But people got out and did their first workouts anyway, dodging ice or heatstroke. They’re a tough breed, Up & Runners, veterans and newbies alike!

I spontaneously decided to join in with the 5K Course yesterday, inspired by Rosemary’s diary on the 5K Forum. She walked the Course last Fall and is taking it again with the aim of increasing her speed. Eight weeks from now I’ll be in Bologna, walking the Julia Jones Running Festival 6K, why not get back to proper training?

So I scuttled around the streets, avoiding mini ice rinks with that bossy Runkeeper lady booming in my ear. It was cold but bright and clear and the air felt great in my lungs. Instead of cursing my desiccated knee as I would have done a few years ago, I felt happy to be moving with purpose. I felt happy, imagining the Spring 5K team doing the same workout as me, scattered around the world. Some will be speedy, some will shuffle; some will be cursing Coach Julia’s name. But everyone’s united in the awesomeness of doing something kind just for themselves, whatever the weather.

  1. RosemaryRiveter
    WooHoo! Speed-walkers unite!
    • Shauna
      yeah baby! :)
  2. Armi
    The weather looks quite nice from my point of view, at least :) Here in Scandinavia there are some snow coming - again. Spring, yeah! Nevertheless good training to you, Shauna, and the rest of spring course runners and walkers!
  3. Frances
    I also dodged snow and ice for a quick jog today - feet soaked with icy water - but I never would have done it without you lovely ladies. Knowing those in Canada are facing -20C wind chill gives me no excuse! xxx
  4. Armi
    Just saw evening news. There have been like chaos in Central Europe because of the snow. Let's hope it will melt soon.
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  6. Denise
    Good for you, Shauna, especially with the weather so cold and uninspiring! Here I am with gorgeous weather and I end up at the gym every day on a treadmill instead of out and about - what a wuss.