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Training tips: The joy of stickers

“Mum… can I give this one a sticker?” She frowned over the kitchen table at the pile of spelling tests I’ve been correcting for her. “Hmmm. No. They’re not quite there. No sticker!” “But… but… what about a star? I wouldn’t waste a scratch ‘n’ sniff, but just a little something…” “Nope!” The verdict was… [Read More]

Drive-by mockery

Let’s pretend you’re a teenager lad driving a car filled with fellow teenage lads. You spy a runner, innocently running along the pavement. What do you do? The standard options are: a) Pay no heed and drive on. b) Wind down the window and yell something idiotic. I think it depends on your personal level… [Read More]

Together in the icy spring

This was the view across to the local power station yesterday morning, Day 1 of the supposed Spring 5K and 10K courses. Meanwhile our Aussie compadres were reporting sizzling temperatures in their alleged Autumn. The weather was determined to make fools of our course labelling. But people got out and did their first workouts anyway, dodging… [Read More]