Coach Julia on TV

I’m not sure how the rest of the world works, but here in Italy it’s really difficult to publicize any event unless you have oodles of money. But running events don’t have large budgets unless you happen to be the New York Road Runners, and even then I’m pretty sure they have to carefully count their pennies. That’s why you have to accept almost everything and anything in order to get the word out that you have a fantastic running event for women in Bologna in May. This is how I found myself on national television on Friday evening… prime time!

The program is a quiz show entitled I soliti ignoti, in which¬†contestants have to match each person with their job. It’s quite impossible and I’ve never seen anybody win any money on it which is probably why it’s been on the air for so many years!

My job was “organizes races” and I was first up. They told us to keep a poker face the whole time, which is why I look so serious.

Enjoy! Then why not sign up for my race… the¬†JJ Running Festival.

  1. Shauna
    I reckon those runners legs are the best advertisement for running ever! :)
  2. Philippakate
    I wish I knew more Italian (other than the curse words Sara taught me!) to understand what was being said! I did get the word 'marathon' there though! Great publicity Julia, and WOW, how stunning you look! I think that's the best advert for running! Most people would be anxious about such close shots of themselves but you have nothing to fear - beautiful!!
  3. cels
    fab publicity, well done Julia. You look gorgeous.
  4. Jennette
    This is so cool! If the camera swooped in that close to my face though my first reflex would be to duck :)
  5. Saral
    wow Julia, you look so beautiful!! Love the dress BTW
  6. anji
    Wow, that game show was way better than the one I caught when I was in Italy! LOL! That looks like fun and hope you enjoyed the experience!
  7. Angela
    That was AMAZING!! julia, you look so gorgeous, and it is trippy to hear you speaking fluent Italian like that.
  8. Julia Jones
    Thanks all - I was a little nervous...especially about those close ups!
  9. CateM
    Wow how fabulous! You were amazing Julia!xx
  10. 5k
    Wow thats a great show! I love watching foreign TV. You look great. Did she say.. this woman looks really toned and fit so she must organise races?? Cool.