Tjejmilen 10km

I love other languages but it took me about a million years to learn to pronounce “Tjejmilen”. It’s Swedish and if you break it down it’s two words meaning “girl” and “mile”. This makes no sense since the Tjejmilen race was six miles or ten kilometers. Maybe they started out small? I don’t even remember how I came about this race but before I knew it I was flying over Stockholm ready to land.

Sweden has lots of poofy clouds floating around the sky

The Tjejmilen is not just any ‘ole 10km race. It’s one of the largest all women’s 10km race in the world and in its 28th year had more than 30,000 women enrolled. Running six miles. All of them. I knew I had to be there and I invited along my Italian group. As a surprise gift to me they had us wearing matching team shirts with “JJ Running Team” printed on the back. They’re the best…

The team from Italy!

The race was so different from anything I’ve ever done: a city setting while we ran through little woods and looked out onto the river. Now how is that even possible? Well, Stockholm was a gorgeous city and I was so surprised by the cleanliness and how beautifully laid out the city was. So getting back to our 10km race…

Finish line area

I had signed up for the “competitive” race just because I knew that I didn’t want to be starting last…and that was a good move because there were about 14 starts and I was in the first. There was always plenty of room to run and lots of water and refreshments along the way.  10km is really the ideal race distance because before you know it you’re finished.

My group of Italian women had trained all summer for this race and they ALL did a fantastic job.

Cristiana in pink...doesn't she look gorgeous after running 10km?
Marina, who I know worked the hardest for this moment!


Lots of love, joy and handholding at the finish line with the JJ Running Team 😉

 Plus, how could you not love a race that offers cheesecake to everybody at the finish line?

The girls want to go to Edinburgh or Dublin next year for another women’s race. Want to come with us?

  1. Siri
    Congrats on running tjejmilen! It's called "milen" because in Swedish 10km is 1 "mil". We rarely use km to describe distances over 10km, instead we say for example 2 mil (20km) or 35.8 mil (358km). I know it doesn't make any sense to English-speakers but for us it's very handy! :)
  2. Julia Jones
    Thanks for the translation! There were 30 women in our group and collectively we could *not* figure that out!
  3. Cate
    Looks like you all had so much fun. Love the matching pink t-shirts :) I'd love to come to Edinburgh or Dublin with you all for a women's race next year!!
  4. cels
    well, dublin was already on my race calendar, so it would be great to join a team!