Summer course dates + we’re on Instagram!

Happy Friday, good folks! Two quick items of news for you today…

1. Summer 5K & 10K Course dates

If you missed out on our Spring courses (the runners are doing beyouuutifully, by the way!), we wanted to let you know that our Summer 5K will begin Monday 9 June and our Summer 10K will begin Thursday 12 June.

Registration for both courses will open on Tuesday 27 May. If you want to make sure you secure your place, you can jump on the list and we’ll send you an email right before registration opens.

2. We’re now on Instagram!

We’re late to the joy of square photos, but Up & Running is now on Instagram, with running inspiration and travels galore. Are you there too? Give us a shout, we’d love to snoop at your corner of the world, too!

Finish line... who doesn't love those?

  1. Anne
    Love the Instagram images.
    • Shauna
      Why thank you! :) Are you on Instagram, Anne? Would love to have a nosy at your corner of Oz!