Thoughts on turning 53 years old

Portrait by Sara Lando
Portrait by Sara Lando

I still need 9 hours at night for a good rest, just like in my youth.

I still call women my age “girls”.

I am starting to feel wiser.

I still make stupid mistakes, which usually cancels out the previous thought.

Each birthday year I am thankful to still be here; not everybody in my immediate family had that privilege.

I am grateful that I have arrived at 53 in near perfect health. I don’t take that for granted.

I have an excellent memory. I can remember scenes from my childhood, recount day after day of my teen years. What seems to fade with time are the strong feelings I had at certain moments of hurt, pain, disappointment and sadness. I remind myself of this when I’m having those feelings now, this too shall pass…

Whenever I think, “maybe I’m too old to be racing…”, I go and check out the finish line times of my peers in any Marathon or Ironman. There are some fast ladies out there! I thank you for the inspiration.

Even after 53 of them, I still look forward to my birthday celebration each and every year. Birthday cake anyone?

  1. Anne
    Happy Birthday Coach Julia! Thankyou for coaching us not just in running. xx
  2. Amanda
    Happy Birthday Julia! I am a year older and cherish every moment of being alive. Thanks for being an inspiration
  3. Paula
    Just brilliant! xx
  4. Minna
    Happy Birthday, coach Julia! You are stunning lady and continuing inspiration for us.
  5. Ianthe
    Happy birthday to you our awesome coach. You're amazing and so inspirational... and you look super fabulous in those pics! :D
  6. frances
    Happy Birthday SuperCoach. I hope to be half as wise as you one day xxx
  7. Maria
    Faboulous woman, lovely friend, energy keeper: XXX!????????????
  8. Nikki
    Happy Birthday, Coach Julia!!! May you have many more!!
  9. helen
    Happy, happy birthday! You look gorgeous, and what fabulous posture. Inspiration to us all, both as a runner and as a woman ("girl"). Hope you have a lovely day, and a fabulous year ahead!
  10. Julia
    Thank you all so so much (heart icon!)
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