Finding your bright spots

Yesterday I spent the entire day in the car traveling back home after Easter celebrations in the south of Italy. I knew there’d be extra traffic thus taking the 800 km ride more than the usual seven hours, so I packed extra magazines and books to read while my husband drove. Somewhere after lunch I really got into a book called Switch by Chip and Dan Heath. It explains how to make change and how to make the process go smoother. One concept I loved was to concentrate on what you do right rather than what you do wrong. The authors call it finding the bright spots.

Since I had to entertain my husband while he was driving I gave a mini summary of every chapter and then wanted to put into action what I had just learned.

“So honey, what are three positive things you can affirm about me, athletically speaking?”

My husband is one of the most talented technical running coaches, training his athletes all the way to the Olympic Games and International events. But he sometimes forgets to slap a little praise on, especially when it comes to helping out his not so naturally talented wife.

I waited a few minutes… I guess he had to dig deep down. Then he came up with these three gems:

  • “You’re well toned.” (adding, “in some parts of your body!”)
  • “You have incredible mental powers, once you set your mind on something you go for it”.
  • “You were born for endurance events”

That last comment is what turned everything around for me. I was born for endurance events! There are fast twitch and slow twitch muscles, I have definitely always been slow twitch. I warm up after 10km into a marathon, same thing for the swim portion of a triathlon. I’d just never thought of this particular definition as positive… until now.

Yesterday I swam with this idea in mind. When I started getting tired I repeated to myself, “Baby, you were BORN for endurance events!”. I forgot all about my defective high arm stroke. I can work on that in the next training session..

So, tell me what areĀ your bright spots? Are you consistent in your workouts? Do you have super mental powers? Are you a demon in the gym or awesome on the golf course? Do you feel like you were born to run? Write it down, affirm it, share it with us here.