Running the Caretera 6km Women’s Race

A few years ago a very small town near my home asked me if I could help them organize and all women’s race. I wasn’t too keen on the idea since I thought that with such a small population it might be difficult to get women not only to participate in the race but train for it. I was wrong.

Caretera Donna 2012

Three years ago on a snowy january morning 62 women showed up to begin their training and personal  journey. Six weeks later  one hundred and twenty-two women raced 6km. At the second edition in 2011 the number of entries doubled. This year a hundred more women signed up for a total of 344 finishers. Aside from the wonderful friendships I’ve gained from this small circle of ladies, a  women’s running movement has spread to neighboring cities and sports groups.  It seems as if everybody wants to get in on the excitement and I couldn’t be more pleased. I am so happy I finally said “yes” to a small plan. You know, those ideas tend to grow…