Running Roundup #8

Rapeseed crop in the sunset

Running Roundup

Happy New Half Year, folks!

In Running Roundup we share links about running – or not about running at all – that have warmed our cockles. If you’ve spied a story or have one of your own to share, give us a shout!

  • Hayfever Q&A – Runners World
    Are you running and weeping right now? I think hayfever is what one calls allergies in the US, but we could just give it a universal name like Super Sucky Summer Snotfest. Pictured above is the canola crop behind our house that is trying its darnest to blind me. Anyway! I found some good hayfever tips in this Runners World post.
  • Stuck in a rut: 7 new breakfasts – Limes & Lycopene
    Kathryn has some brilliant ideas for jazzing up the best meal of the day, IMHO. Spice apple gratin or roast vegetable omelette, anyone?
  • The French Market Cookbook – Chocolate & Zucchini
    Speaking of food, one of my all-time favourite food bloggers Clotilde Dusoulier has a new cookbook out that she describes as, “love story between French cuisine and vegetables”. I’m always looking for ways to eat more veg so cannae wait to get my mitts on this! There’s a giveaway on the post, too.
  • “Work-Life balance” and other lies (that can bite me) – Renegade Mothering
    “You know what I think my job is? Respond to life as it happens. Stop expecting balance. Wake up. See what needs to be done right now. Let go of the idea that my life should carry on in some neat, systematic way and that someday I’ll be meeting all the needs of all the people all the time.”  A quite a reassuring rant, I reckon! (via Shutterbean)
  • Christopher McDougall: ‘Every step I run, I’m focusing on form’ – Guardian running blog
    A great interview on going barefoot, running with the Amish and lots more goodness for fans of the Born To Run author.
  1. Kek
    We have the super sucky summer snot fest here too, thanks to the paddocks full of grass that surround us. It's actually more like the spring-summer-autumn snot fest - drives us mad. I'm up for any and all tips, even if it involves standing on my head for an hour a day. ;)
  2. Anne
    Thanks for Renegade Mothering, haven't seen it before. I'm not seeking balance anymore, that's for sure.