Two ways to good running hair days

You’re running along, enjoying the fresh air and the fire in your lungs; feeling slightly smug and happy to be alive.

But then a chunk of hair escapes from your ponytail.

It flops into your eyes. It whips your cheeks. It welds annoyingly to your lip balm. Next thing you’re flapping your hands around your noggin like a madwoman.

Well, that may just be me and my disobedient locks. Fed up of bobby pins and clips boring into my skull, I’ve been on a quest for better workout hair. These are my two favourite solutions…

Solution 1: Mermaid Braid

For the past two years I’ve been a rabid fan of Hairdresser on Fire, the blog of New York hair stylist Reagan Baker (she’s also a runner!). She has oodles of brilliant hairdo tutorials and when it comes to the workout barnet, this mermaid braid is a winner.

Despite lots of practice it looks utterly rubbish when I do it, but even poorly executed it corrals all those stray bits of hair out of my face, then I scoop the rest back into a ponytail.

[vimeo height=”281″ width=”500″][/vimeo]

Solution 2: Stretchy Headband

I love a good wide headband; basically a seamless tube of stretchy fabric. They’re ace because:

  • My hairline is totally covered. Tendrils: you have no chance of escape!
  • They’re soft and very comfortable.
  • I can put the band over my ears so they stay warm and my earphones don’t fall out.
  • They’re stretchy so they’re big enough to get around my giant head without being tight.
  • They’re multi-functional – because it’s a seamless tube I can wear it like a headband, bandana, neck scarf or even balaclava style.

Here are the two brands I’ve tried:

1. Patterned headtubes from Mountain Warehouse in the UK. They’re only £4.99.

tube2 tube

2. Bandanas from Hoo Rag. They’re an American company with a huge array of designs. They kindly sent us a review sample way back in January and I’ve been wearing it every week since (apologies for the very untimely feedback, Hoorag folks!). The band is so comfortable with the perfect amount of stretch.

At $15.95 USD it’s more expensive than the Mountain Warehouse offering, but it’s just that wee bit more comfortable so I find myself reaching for it over and over. It’s also showing no signs of wear after 10 months of regular use. You can see the Groovy-Hoo design in this here pic of the Inverness Cheer Squad. My eyes say Half Asleep but my head says Party Time!

Early morning Hoo Rag

Any hair nerds out there? How do you do your do for a workout?

  1. Denise
    Oh yes, I'm familiar with the "my hair is stuck to the chapstick on my lips" arm workout - I just count it as my upper body strength training for the day. During the summer my best solution is donning a baseball hat with my hair pulled through the back into a ponytail. Now that it's a bit chillier in the mornings, I've gone to the stretchy hairband and/or beanie, also with ponytail. I was fortunate to have an unused Lululemon gift card sitting in a drawer, collecting dust (because I won the card at FitBloggin but I won't fit the largest size of yoga pants they make even at my goal weight!), so I picked up both a headband/ear warmer and beanie from their website for free. They are both reversible and very comfy, so I can recommend them if you, too, have a stray gift card burning a hole in your storage drawer. And, by the way, HELLO ROOMIE - I miss your happy, morning face so very much!!! xoxo
    • Shauna
      You too, roomie! Sniff sniff! :) I do like the look of those Lulu headbands! Thank goodness for gift cards!
  2. Cilla
    I am with you on the headband. I don't know that I can be doing with a mermaid braid. A cap sorts out things well. As long as my hair is out of my face I am happy. It is going to get soaked with sweat and look a fright. Running just after I have haid my hair coloured is a particular challenge as well. Any tips about that?
  3. Brenda A
    Bobby pins are usual go to I'm lucky they work well for me! I've used the mermaid braid and love it. Just usually too lazy or not enough time to do it. My 3rd choice are 'no slip' headbands (velvet is on the hair side and they come in different sizes/colors) like,, and They're better much all the same thing. Another place I've seen but haven't bought from look to have something similar to patterned tubules, hats with holes for ponytails and few other hair accessories. I'm also not opposed just to throwing on a baseball hat. It all depends on the weather, what I'm wearing, or just the mood I'm in :)
    • Shauna
      Woohoo another fan of the braid, awesome :)