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Stephanie Madsen runs the Seven Continents

  Hey team, it’s Julia here. Today I’ve got a conversation for you that I had with a coaching client of mine who is on a mission to run a marathon on each of the seven continents in one year. Meet Stephanie Madsen, an American living in Treviso, Italy! What inspired you to run the seven… [Read More]

U&R Superstars: Sara Lando rocks the Loch Ness Marathon – Part 2

In Part 2 of our interview, Up & Runner Sara relives her Loch Ness Marathon race day in glorious detail (here’s Part 1 if you missed it!). 11. Imagine someone made a cheesy movie montage of your Loch Ness race day – what stand-out moments would you include? Walking into the mist at the crack of… [Read More]

U&R Superstars: Sara Lando rocks the Loch Ness Marathon – Part 1

Photographer Sara Lando has a come a helluva long way since she rocked our very first 5K Course back in 2011. In September she scored the last badge in the Up & Running set after kicking butt in the Loch Ness Marathon. In this first installment of a two-parter, she spills the beans on her… [Read More]

U&R Superstars: Frances rocks the Venice Marathon

Up & Running Alumni member Frances is an English pâtissier/writer living in Paris. In addition to French she also speaks Italian, so she signed up for Coach Julia’s famous My First Marathon programme for the Venice Marathon. Frances has kindly shared her race report for the blog. It’s a wonderful read, so make yourself a… [Read More]

U&R Superstars: Gill Bland rocks the London Marathon

What does it take to get that London marathon medal? Baking blogger extraordinaire Gill Bland takes us behind the scenes of sixteen weeks of our one-on-one Marathon coaching – the miserable winter days, the shift work, the ups and downs… and ultimately, a truly awesome day out in London! 1. How did you first get into running? I… [Read More]

Catching up with… Sas Petherick

Today we’re catching up with Sas Petherick, life coach extraordinaire and a graduate of our very first 5K Course way back in Spring 2011. We talked running, meditation for dummies, her brand new e-course, plus weight loss as a side effect of a much bigger journey… 1. You were one of our very first 5K Course… [Read More]

U&R Superstars: Two Paulas Go To Rome

At the start of winter two Paulas began our Half Marathon course – Paula P in sunny Dubai, and Paula G in a very soggy Somerset. After twelve long weeks of training they’ve just ran the Rome-Ostia 21K. We grilled them about the challenges of those long winter months, fuelling those long runs, all the excitement… [Read More]

U&R Superstars: Marci Gaither

Whenever I’m feeling meh in the mojo department, one of my favourite inspirational pitstops is Marci G’s Alumni Forum diary. When she signed up for the Summer 5K course in 2011 she thought she “wasn’t cut out” to be a runner but she’s spent the last 18 months proving otherwise. She’s worked her tail off to improve… [Read More]

Meet our Half Marathon Superstars – Part 2

Happy Monday to you! First a quick reminder: our Summer 5K and 10K courses start next week. We can’t wait to meet our new runners – hope you’ve had fun shoe shopping. If you’d like to join the Summer gang there’s still time to secure your spot! Now back to our Superstars… cue snazzy logo… Last… [Read More]

Meet our Half Marathon Superstars

One of the most popular features on our e-courses is the Runner of the Week interviews, in which we chat to kickarse runners about their running adventures. I’m a total sucker for a Real Person Story – not that I don’t love reading about Olympic medalists and world record holders, but reading about regular people… [Read More]