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A word on motivation in sports

When we last left our heroine she was diligently preparing for a Half Ironman Triathlon in the town of Pescara. She knew she only had 8 weeks to train for it, which if you’re going to complete a 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike, and a 21km run all in one shot, fifty-six days is… [Read More]

What I see (Avon Running 2011, Milan Italy)

I see a group of women, most of whom started running a mere 18 months ago I see a group of women who are all smiling I see a group of women who unknowingly color coordinated themselves I see 1 woman who didn’t feel well but wanted to be there anyway I see 2 breast… [Read More]

Congratulations Philippa – London Marathon runner!

We love a good marathon race report here at Up & Running and we couldn’t resist sharing this one in particular. Philippa Moore is an Australian living in London who is a pretty kickarse kind of lass. She’s not only maintained a 30 kilo weight loss for five years, she’s also transformed from couch potato… [Read More]


I spent the weekend in Barcelona, Spain, running a marathon. Yes, number 32 is now in the books! The weather was perfect and the race course was scenic and beautiful and I felt like I really knew this city, a place I had never been to until last December. Shauna and I have a “Barcelona… [Read More]

A simple photograph

I don’t have a lot of artwork or paintings hanging on my walls at home, but I do have many photographs. Photos just seem to stir up more emotion for me than a painting. I just love looking at at them and feeling the joy , the pride, the happiness or the nostalgia that each… [Read More]

2011 Word of the Year

I’ve been choosing a “Word of the Year” for the past six years now. I think about what I want the theme for the year to be and how I want to imagine myself in the days to come. I print it out and frame it. I place it in a spot in my house… [Read More]