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Women Who Make America: Kathrine Switzer

My dear friend Kathrine Switzer sent me an email the other day to let me know that she’s been interviewed for the excellent PBS series Makers. It’s absolutely beautiful. There are actually two videos to watch. The first is the profile on Kathrine. The second is entitled Women Who Make America. Kathrine’s 1966 Boston Marathon… [Read More]

U&R Superstars: Marci Gaither

Whenever I’m feeling meh in the mojo department, one of my favourite inspirational pitstops is Marci G’s Alumni Forum diary. When she signed up for the Summer 5K course in 2011 she thought she “wasn’t cut out” to be a runner but she’s spent the last 18 months proving otherwise. She’s worked her tail off to improve… [Read More]

Workout strategies for a cold, dark, whiny February

You don’t need motivation, our great leader Coach Julia once famously said, You just need to get off your ass and go. Ever since she uttered those immortal words my exercise excuses have dramatically decreased. She is maddeningly right – I can’t wait around to feel like exercising; that rarely happens. I have to get into… [Read More]

Body Composition and the power of our words

I believe that the words we use when we talk about ourselves are very important. I’ve personally found that a good first step towards a positive shift in self-perception is to pay close attention to the words we choose, and experimenting with kinder ones. Here’s a great example. Now that the Up & Running community… [Read More]

Roses & Flowers or Kittens & Rainbows

Last Saturday morning I had a training session with my group of local ladies. It was bitterly cold outside, our usual January weather, with a thin layer of ground fog. As I gave initial instructions they were hopping up and down and side to side in order to keep warm. We finally began running and… [Read More]

Challenging your comfort zones

I did something this week that I’ve been needing to do for a really long time. The problem was that I was intimidated, scared and really set in my routine to make any sort of change. I took the leap in one afternoon and after only a week I’m asking myself what took me so… [Read More]

Do the clothes maketh the runner?

Until last week, this was the quality banter in my household every time I got dressed for a workout, invariably a combo of t-shirt and faded, shrunken trousers: GARETH: Did your cat die? ME: [eyeroll] No… pray tell, why? GARETH: Because your trousers are at half mast! Bwahahhaha!* Until last week my workout trousers, or… [Read More]

Sustaining your running, sustaining your energy

During December I was formulating a plan in my mind for the coming year. I usually plan my work year sometime in September since all my projects seem to follow a scholastic schedule. This year things changed in the Fall and suddenly my 2013 forecast included a heavier workload. I had to make some decisions… [Read More]

Stationery Geek Alert! 2013 Wall Planners

One of the many reasons that the Up & Running Alumni Forum feels like my spiritual home is that we have a lot of stationery geeks. As much as we natter away on our Forum diaries, we’re equally enamoured with the paper stuff. To name a few: Sarah documents every move with a sticker-filled paper diary…. [Read More]

Blog Tour: FitBody Fifty

Today we’re hanging out at FitBody Fifty, home of Kerryn Woods, personal trainer and all-round awesome woman from Melbourne, Australia. We were  delighted that Kerryn was up for being a spot on our wee Blog Tour! I love how Kerryn says on her About page, “Don’t tell me I look ‘good for my age’. I… [Read More]