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The last and the first of the year

If I’m in Italy for the Christmas holidays (which I have been for the last, uhm, fifteen years) we always go to the Puglia region where my husband was born and raised. I love going there. The food is wonderful, the weather is at least 20°F warmer and it’s closer to the beaches than where we live… [Read More]

Holiday gifts for the runner in your life…

(…and if you’re the only runner in your life, treat yourself!) You cannae beat the Up & Running Training Diary for recording your feats of athleticism (modelled by the lovely Minna below!). Spiral bound, beautifully designed, full of inspiring essays and a perpetual format so you don’t have to wait til January 1 to get… [Read More]

Stationery Geek Alert! 2014 Wall Planners

We’re a big fan of wall planners at Up & Running. There’s nothing quite like a whole year at a glance – in January it’s a blank canvas full of possibility; then as the months roll on it fills with plans and achievements and goodness. And it’s a great home for stickers, too. Like last… [Read More]

New York City Marathon nostalgia

In the first week of November I become nostalgic for the New York City Marathon. I have a rather intimate relationship with this event; it’s been a huge part of my life. In 1986 I was working part-time for a travel agency and they asked me to bring a group of Italians to New York…. [Read More]

Find a way

A few months ago I started watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. It’s one of the few American programmes available online that doesn’t get blocked for non-American residents. The latest guest was Diana Nyad, the swimmer that successfully swam from Cuba to Florida last month without the help of a shark cage or wetsuit. Oh. My…. [Read More]

Up & Running Diary does Ironman

I want to give a shout out to my very dear friend Alessia Polemi Stehle. She completed Ironman Zurich last Sunday with a rockin’ time of 12:52:46. Alessia decided a year ago to tackle this race, then when we launched our Up & Running training diary came out in December she thought it would be… [Read More]

Training tips: The joy of stickers

“Mum… can I give this one a sticker?” She frowned over the kitchen table at the pile of spelling tests I’ve been correcting for her. “Hmmm. No. They’re not quite there. No sticker!” “But… but… what about a star? I wouldn’t waste a scratch ‘n’ sniff, but just a little something…” “Nope!” The verdict was… [Read More]

Do you think I’ll make it to the end?

Last weekend I had a wonderful time in Edinburgh running the Half Marathon. Even more fun than the race was training people for both the half and full marathon. Besides the numerous Up & Runners I had a group of private clients that had flown in from Italy. Among them was a another couple, Laura… [Read More]

Workout flexibility

My Sunday was planned out in my head: my husband working so my son and I were at home alone. I would finish up some work in the morning, do a little housework, eat lunch with Evan and then in the afternoon I’d go on my long run while he did his homework. I’m supposed… [Read More]

A Mother’s Day running tale

Here’s a cracker of a Mother’s Day race report from Aussie Up & Runner Jo, in which she said… “Happy Mother’s Day Mum – we’re going for a run!” About a month ago I informed my mother that I’d entered us into a fun run together on Mother’s Day. The distance was 4km and the… [Read More]