The last and the first of the year

If I’m in Italy for the Christmas holidays (which I have been for the last, uhm, fifteen years) we always go to the Puglia region where my husband was born and raised. I love going there. The food is wonderful, the weather is at least 20°F warmer and it’s closer to the beaches than where we live up north. 

I had a great 2013. Lots of learning through both good and bad moments. Lots of growing, because if you’re not able to grow and gain more life experience through bad moments then you haven’t learned the lesson. I hate how painful those moments can be, but it feels so good when you can out the other side. Just like a really hard workout… you saw that coming, didn’t you!

In the last days of the year I had two really great runs and workouts. The first one was a nice 10k run through the olive groves. It was a gorgeous day and I felt a lot of peace.

Lovely olive groves to run by

The last run for 2013 was done at the beach with my husband coaching his two elite runners with me and my Francesca tagging along. We all had the same instructions:

  • 400 metres run on sand
  • 350 metres run on road
  • 50 metres one foot running

The run was done in a circular fashion so as we stepped off the beach we ran back to the starting point on the road until we hit the cones that Piero had set up. On our Alumni Forum I used the term “one foot running”. They said “you mean hopping!” Yes and no. Hopping can be done in one spot whereas this exercise is meant to teach you to move forward.

Here’s a lovely 30 second film…

[vimeo height=”281″ width=”500″][/vimeo]

You can see that I do fine with my right leg/foot but then I’m not able to go in a straight line with my left. I sort of drift to the side rather than going forward. This was a really hard exercise for me and took a lot of concentration.

Francesca and I were able to do 8 laps before we collapsed. Mimmo and Dario lapped us twice. 

It was a super hard workout, but really satisfying in the end… kind of like 2013!

Exhausted but happy

On the first day of the year Piero and I always go to the beach for a coffee after lunch. In 2012 and 2013 I took an arctic swim to renew my “be awesome” vows. This year it was raining and I felt wonderful simply taking a walk on the beach with my husband. I felt just as energized. Not quite like taking a dip in the freezing water, but more of a peaceful, “I can’t wait to see what is waiting for me in 2014!”.

First sunset for 2014
First sunset for 2014




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