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Family fun with triathlons

Before I begin the epic account of how Ironman Italy 70.3 for this year went, I wanted to share with you my eight-year-old son Evan’s race. Be warned: I am totally in love with this little guy so anything he does is sweet, cute and fantastic. Just so you know… The day before the big… [Read More]

Julia’s very first Half Ironman, Part IV

Here’s the final instalment of Coach Julia’s epic Half Ironman adventure. You can also read Part I, Part II and Part III. As I started my half marathon run the strangest thing happened to me: I could feel my running legs! One of the things that you need to train for in a triathlon is the… [Read More]

Julia’s very first Half Ironman, Part III

One of the biggest problem I have during endurance racing, be it running or triathons, is low blood sugar and energy. After a few hours my body somehow doesn’t signal out to dip into my fat reserves. I’ve tried all kinds of tricks like running on empty or low carbs but that original blue print… [Read More]

Julia’s very first Half Ironman – Part II

Before packing for a triathlon race I always make a list about two pages long of what I need to put in my bags. First there’s all the swimming gear: several pairs of goggles (so I can choose), a wetsuit, flip flops, earplugs, Vaseline, sunscreen. Moving onto the bike we have a helmet, bike shoes…… [Read More]

Julia’s very first Half Ironman – Part I

A few years ago when I realized that time slipping like sand through an hourglass was not just a proverbial saying, I decided that I wanted to start doing things that I had always dreamed about doing but had never gotten around to. I intended to celebrate each and every year of my life with… [Read More]