Up & Moving: a new course for walkers… and future runners!

Since we launched Up & Running three years ago we’ve had scores of requests for a stepping stone course between the couch and our 5K Course. So today we are chuffed to bits to bring you… Up & Moving!

Up & Moving

If you…

  • are completely new to exercise
  • are returning to fitness after a break
  • crave expert guidance + wildly encouraging support
  • need a joint-friendly, low impact exercise option
  • want help reaching the recommended sub-12mins/km walking pace for the 5K Course
  • enjoying having a structured plan to follow
  • are determined to make exercise a lifelong healthy habit.

… then Up & Moving was made for you, baby!

We give you all the tools to get moving on a regular basis… and enjoying it too! It’s a six-week e-course that combines walking and simple resistance exercises, plus the U&R trademark coaching support + dedicated cheerleading. It’s self-paced, so you can dive in right now and progress at a pace that suits you. It’s also totally adaptable to your fitness level, whether you’ve got your eye on our 5K Course or you simply want to get fit.

This course is very near and dear to my heart, being something I’d wished had existed to sign up for myself! I’ve been the guinea pig for the training plans and had a blast, now I cannae wait to help our Movers get moving and grooving.

You can find out more about Up & Moving here. Do give us a shout if we can help with any questions!