What is Up & Running, anyway?

More exciting news! We have a brand new swanky video, which explains to the world what we do here at Up & Running in one minute flat.

Thank you for all your good cheers for the Up & Moving launch last week. The Moving movement is growing by the day and now my mission is to coax more of you out of Lurk Mode on the Forum! Hehehe.

And finally, countdown to Spring courses – ONE WEEK TO GO! We start next Monday for the 5K, Thursday for the 10K. Come along and join the (sweaty) (but totally rewarding) fun!

  1. Shauna
    One minute eight seconds, in case there's pedants about ;)
  2. Hazel
    Excellent promo vid, girls! Love it!
    • Shauna
      Thank you Hazel! :)
  3. MarciG
    Hey, I know those people :) It's my international cheering squad!
    • Shauna
      yeah baby!!! :)