Ham Plan – Day 3

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My Monday was/is crazy and mixed up. All my planned work projects got sidetracked due to sick cat, two projects taking longer than I thought and son’s swim lesson going on an hour longer. But all is good with the HAM Plan! Having my three meal a day rule really helps me meditate on what’s really going on whenever I get the urge to go outside those rules. Like when I want to avoid doing something, when I don’t want to feel something; when I want to change my immediate state.

We are not sponsored by this product, but I love the packaging and flavors.

The other day I was at the health food store and decided to pick up a few new herbal teas. I chose the three above because they seemed to have a little “bite” in them. Spicy… yum. I like tea, but unless you lace it with something (sugar, honey, milk, cream) it tends to be flat. I wanted something that would change my state without going outside of my HAM rules. Right now I’m sipping Choco Chili tea and it’s really hit the spot.

Weight: *+0.8 kg*   <– most likely retention from amount of salt in pizza yesterday. I expect it to go down within a few days.


Cake for lunch again. This is where I squirm and slip into worry-what-other-people-think mode. I don’t normally have cake for lunch, honest guv. It’s just a calendar coincidence that in this strangely social month there happened to be two consecutive cake moments!

Johanna who writes Green Gourmet Giraffe, one of my favourite food blogs, was visiting from Australia. She appreciates good cake so we met this afternoon at Lovecrumbs in Edinburgh. It’s probably a good thing I don’t live in Edinburgh anymore, otherwise I would haunt that place like a cake-guzzling ghoul. The cakes are very special so I channelled French Women Don’t Get Fat again and I ate my slice with the reverence it deserved.

Johanna was even more lovely in person and I got to meet her husband and cutie daughter too (UPDATE: Johanna has now blogged about Lovecrumbs with some fab photos!). Ahh the internet is full of awesome people! It’s been ace to break the usual routine these past couple of days.

  • Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with a wee bit of smoked salmon (hubba hubba)
  • Lunch – Slice of coconut snowball cake (sadly a wee bit dry) and a flat white
  • Dinner – Wholemeal spaghetti with tomato, tinned tuna, capers and all-the-dying-veggies-in-the-fridge sauce (it turned out gooood!). Pink lady apple.
  • Exercise – 60 mins walk. Loving these winter walks.
Winter morning
Woke up to snow this morning! But it melted very quickly.
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  2. Johanna GGG
    Great to meet you. I do not judge cake for lunch - my cake followed lunch at a tearoom :-) and the lovecrumbs cakes were indeed excellent. I wish we still lived close by but also think maybe it is not such a good thing to live so close by to such sweet indulgences.
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