HAM Plan – Day 2

Wondering what this HAM Plan business is all about? Check out the Introducing the HAM Plan post…


This morning I had to bring my 9 year old son to a basketball tournament. My first thought was, “What can I make for breakfast that will give him energy for hours?” The answer was Pancakes! I made them with Spelt flour and spread them with (sugarless) jam. He had four of them and I sat down with my coffee and had two of them. Yum! The combination of carbs and protein kept me hunger free for hours.

I had promised to take him to the movies in the afternoon so I needed to get a quick exercise session in and I decided that right before lunch would be perfect.


I’ve only used this Nike App twice but I’m kinda digging it! For lunch we had oven baked sweet potatoes and an omelette. Oh, plus an apple.

Dinner in our house on Sunday is always pizza. I had a little wine with it but I was sitting down and enjoying it with my family plus two friends that had come over.

It wasn’t difficult to stick to my plan today, but I pat myself on the back for not eating popcorn at the movies (just sparkling water) or the cookies that the others ate after the pizza. Pat pat…

Weight: *0*


I’ve just finished reading French Women Don’t Get Fat, that bestseller from a few years back. It’s a philosophy that really appeals – taking real pleasure in food (food will never just be fuel to me) but eating it mindfully and in smaller portions. And if you eat richer stuff in one meal, scale back on the others.

I gave this a go today, paring back brekkie and dinner since I was off to a charity afternoon tea with the Edinburgh Cake Ladies at the mega-swanky Caledonian Hotel. It was in aid of It’s Good 2 Give, who help support young people with cancer and their families.

I love fancy afternoon teas because everything is dainty and wee, so you can sample multiple items without feeling you’ll explode. The scones were warm and light, the cakes teeny tiny tasty, and why does a simple sandwich suddenly taste so good if you chop off the crusts?

As delicious as the food was, I remembered the aim of the HAM Plan and made sure to soak up the great company, the glitzy interiors and the spine-tingling sound of the wee choir singing Christmas carols. So often I fixate on the food and totally overdo things, but I felt good about my choices today.

  • Breakfast – 1pc toast with almond butter and banana
  • Afternoon Tea – scone with jam & clotted cream, 3 finger sandwiches, 3 wee cakes (coffee opera, mini eclair and Battenburg… phwoar!) and a gazillion cups of tea
  • Dinner – Tomato & feta bake with green salad
  • Exercise – 40 mins walk in the bright cold sunshine… Vitamin D ahoy!
Cakes and Edinburgh sunshine
A selection of the goodies at the afternoon tea. Photo does not do justice to the cuteness of the mini Christmas pudding things! Also, sunshine on Edinburgh Castle
  1. Charlene
    LOVE the HAM plan - I need to come up with my own rules for the month.
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