HAM Plan – Day 1

Happy December everyone! We’re off and running with our HAM Plan…


I wanted to explain why I chose these particular HAM rules. First, I do love to eat. I enjoy the ritual of cooking for myself and family. I love sitting down and enjoying a meal. I usually don’t have too many problems here. Trouble starts outside my mealtimes. Snacking, late night eating, unplanned food celebrations (come on, it’s my birthday today!), nerves that want a cookie (trust me, one is never enough). Then I get even more nervous and it just turn into a snowball effect.

When I eat within my meals I’m still nourishing myself. I still give myself treats, but I do it in a well thought-out, planned way. So I wanted to try and experiment with this, staying on the straight and narrow of three meals a day for the whole holiday month. I’m super excited about it! I know that sounds silly, but I am.

I didn’t add in the exercise part because for me that’s just a given. I do something every day but my mileage is low for December so I won’t need to plan for extra calories at the moment. The three meals a day works perfect for this month. Cross your fingers with me!

Weight: * 0 *


It was bright day here in Fife, a sultry 2°C/35°F, with a tiny dusting of snow that soon turned to ice. After a lazy cup of tea in bed I went into a cleaning frenzy. If I’m going to be mindful about my meals then I need to be able to sit at the table. So away went piles of folded laundry, homebrewing equipment and a layer of dust! Ahh… so civilised now.

  • Breakfast – Toast with almond butter and banana
  • Lunch – Lentil and vegetable soup
  • Dinner – Fajitas (with salad instead of tortilla)
  • Exercise – 50 mins Yogalates DVD after I aborted my walk due to icy road and footpaths (yep, I’m a wuss! And I just ordered some Yaktrax!)
Ham Plan Day 1
  1. Brenda A.
    My plan was still forming in my head on the 1st and ya' know how it's easier to start on Monday? So no tracking today and after work schedule was not applicable. I did get in a {7:45 am} Multi-level yoga class.
    • Shauna
      Starting on a Monday is much tidier! I follow that logic ;)