My 56th birth day

I have to admit that before I turned 56 yesterday I was feeling a little bit Debbie Downer about the whole day. It wasn’t a number I was particularly excited about and I hadn’t yet picked out any special gift for myself so I had nothing to really look forward to.

But then I told myself to get my freaking head back into the right place. It was and is a privilege to be able to celebrate another year on Planet Earth. I love this place and I love my life so what is there not to be totally amped up and excited about? My new plan was to just go on with my day as usual and enjoy the simple moments as much as I could.

First up was my morning swim…


I’ve switched all my sport activities to the morning (more on that soon!) and yesterday when I arrived at 8AM. for my swim session there was an empty 50 metre lane. I had it all to myself for the full 2000 metres and considered this a very special birthday gift from the swimming Gods.

On with my day of regular work, phone calls and meal prep and then it was time to train my women’s running group.


A new woman showed up for the training so I gave the core group instructions on their workout and then started working with our new member. She’d never run before though she swims and walks for her general everyday errands. We did some fast walking inserting some running here and there and then I had her walk for one kilometre and then free style run for one kilometre. Her walking time was 9:30 and her Free Style run was 7:32.

Oh, by the way, she’s sixty-five years old.

She said she’d always wanted to try running since it looked like fun. “Better late than never…”

Indeed. I considered her my special birthday gift from the running Gods to remind me that I am still very young and to get moving on all those sports goals I have swimming in my head.

The evening was spent with my family, birthday cake-less. Our oven is on the blink so I told them I was happy to dive into my favorite ice cream store and let loose. Lots of ice cream and lots of laughing. It was the perfect 56th birthday party <3


  1. Tessa
    Awww <3 Looking forward to all your adventures :)
  2. anne
    Happy belated birthday Julia. What a lovely day. Looking forward to another year with you.
  3. Julia
    Thank you Tessa and Anne, here's to another year together!