Life lessons from a badly broken arm

A couple of weeks ago I had an accident. It’s crazy how life can change in a split second. As I passed a line of (illegally) parked cars on my city bike, a van driver opened their door without looking. I went flying and took the fall on my left forearm. It broke in five places. Yes, ouch, it hurt.

Thank God my husband was behind me and got me on an ambulance ASAP. My arm was reassembled thanks to two brilliant surgeons, two metal planks, two screws and one plaster cast.

Julia Jones' broken arm

I’ve learned a lot about myself and people in my life through the accident and subsequent eight days in hospital. All good, all positive.

My first thoughts were positive.

While in the ambulance I thanked my lucky stars that I was born in a time when a bit of surgery would have me back on my feet within days. I was also very grateful that my arm saved me from further damage. This gratitude looped through my head while the sirens blared. No anguish, a little shock, but so much gratitude for my safety.

I have a high pain threshold thanks to my running and training.

There’s induced pain (a race) and real pain, but I’m sure the fact that I’ve only needed pain killers twice (while they set the cast and post-op) was because I’ve practiced handling pain as it arises during training and racing.

Julia in hospital

I focus on my immediate next step without worrying about the future.

I’ve been asked about Ironman Barcelona in October. Before the accident I was in top shape and had done some of my best workouts right before it happened. Now? I have no idea.

I walked the hospital halls and stairs a few times each day because that’s all the energy I had. I slept a lot, and I know rest will continue to be my number one ally in getting well. Yesterday I did a circuit workout with some running thrown in. I have a plaster cast on my arm so I consider it a strength workout too!

I continue to take my workouts one day at a time. It’d be great if I made it to Ironman Barcelona, but if I don’t, I’m fine with that because…

Whatever happens is fine, as long as I have my health.

In the orthopaedic ward everybody coming in obviously had a broken bone. But most of the older women were also with high blood pressure, diabetes and mysterious aches and pains. The doctors were perplexed when I told them that I don’t use anti-inflammatories or aspirin. I chalk it up to making my nutrition and exercise one of my top priorities. The hospital stay made me want to up my game because there’s always room for improvement.

I’m surrounded by wonderful and loving people.

There was an outpouring of messages, phone calls and hospital visits that made me appreciate all the loving family and friends that I have in my life. Thank you <3

I’m married to a wonderful man.

I already knew this but for better or for worse, always by my side. That thought alone helped begin my healing process.

Julia with Piero in hospital

  1. Tessa
    Big Hug and matching Smooch. We love you too! I'm glad you are on the mend. I want to grow up to be just like you :) Starting with a re-do of the 5K course ;)
  2. Julia
    A 5km course re-do is always a great place to start! j
  3. Frances
    Your strength and optimism never ceases to amaze me! Sending healing vibes your way !
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