Running Roundup #15

Lone runner

We’re in a quiet mood this cloudy Tuesday and looking for distraction. Here’s some great reads we found…

Running Roundup

This is not a “set back.” It’s a set up for a miracle. – Susan Hyatt
A devoted runner sidelined by injury, Susan went in search of inspiration wound up changing, “my entire perception about what a “set back” is, or rather, isn’t”.

Motivation < Action – Paul Jarvis
“Motivation is to action as reading about exercise is to being in shape. Certainly, both can happen, but simply being motivated accomplishes nothing while seeming like it’s accomplishing something.”

On Running – Dinner: A Love Story
“To this day, the pattern is the same with me: I dread the run, DREAD it . . . but then as soon as its over, I remember why I still do it. Why I know I’ll do it again and again: The tingles, the exhaustion, the exhilaration.”

A pain in the butt – In The Equation
Lori’s wise thoughtful lessons from six weeks of excruciating sciatic pain. Speaking as one currently bent over into a comma shape this was a timely read 😉

Six things I have learned about building mental fitness – Rose Gamble
“Once I tried to recite a sonnet. That didn’t work. And, on spotting blood creeping across the top of my trainers during the marathon, a calm conversation with myself ensued as to how much blood would indicate a toe actually being severed by a sports sock. This took up miles 18 to 19, which, frankly, seemed a happy exchange for a bit of blood.” (Thanks, Celia!)

If you’ve spied a story or have one of your own to share, please give us a shout.