Behind the scenes at The Color Run

When I participated in the The Color Run here in Italy last summer I had extra fun because one of my friends was a color station volunteer. I thought it be fun to have a peek behind the scenes of this crazy event and find out what it’s like to hurl rainbows at people… and ask how best to get that darn color off afterwards?

Let me introduce you to my dear friend Lucy Solzi, a marathon runner from Milan and official Color Douser!


How did you start volunteering as a Color douser?
I’d seen the race on the web and really hoped  it would come to Italy; it looked like so much fun. When they confirmed the Italian dates the non-profit running club I belong to, Podisti da Marte (Runners From Mars), was contacted and asked if they were interested in being volunteers at the race. I jumped at the chance, so I was actually a Color douser before I ran the race myself.

How many dousers are there at each station? More importantly, do you get to choose your color?
There are four stations: yellow, orange, deep blue and fuchsia. For a race with 3000 people there’s 50 dousers, so that’s about about 12 volunteers for each station. We just did the Color Run in Rome and we had to double the dousers. We don’t get to choose our stations but I always hope to get fuchsia because it looks great with my hair! But each colour has it’s own energy so it’s good to rotate between them.


Describe what you see as the race unfolds…
There’s always the first runners that come by thinking that they’ve come to a “real” race. Yes, it’s 5K but there’s no chip timing or classification, it’s a fun run. Fortunately, it’s just a few of them and once they’ve passed it’s time for us to get to work. There are lots of families with kids and groups of friends coming with the expectation of having a great time. Our instructions are to put the color on people’s clothes, not on their face. But they invite us to put it everywhere, even getting on the ground and rolling in the color dust.

When I ran The Color Run it took me a few days to get the dye completely off my skin. At the finish line I saw a girl that had done an Avatar number on herself, completely covering her face blue. I imagined her going to work the next day! Is there a secret to getting the color off?
Before you start the race put a thin layer of oil on your skin, like almond oil. When you’ve finished the race the color will come off easier along with soap and a loofah brush. As a last touch for those hard to get spots use makeup remover wipes. That should do it!


Fancy doing a Color Run? Our Fall 5K Course is coming up… we’ll get you fighting fit so you’ll be first in line for a dousing!

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    We love our Color Runners around the world! So happy you could experience the magic of the Happiest 5k with us. Hope to see you at man, many more events!