Running Roundup #14

Ironman Julia

Running Roundup

Happy Friday, good people! Here’s some quality afternoon distraction for you…

True Story: I Hold The World Record – I’m The Youngest Woman To Run A Marathon In All 50 States – Yes & Yes
Laura rocked a marathon in all 50 US states before she turned 25. “One major thing I learned from running is that achievement is very, very personal. If I run a marathon under 4:00, I’m thrilled with my time; if my friend Adam runs a marathon slower than 3:20, he’s horribly disappointed in what a bad day he had. Similarly, I remember how proud I was when I ran my first 5K – I thought it was pretty much the longest distance ever that a human could run, like the equivalent of an Ironman.”

What Lifting Weights Taught Me About Being A Woman – Buzzfeed
I’m sure many of you feeling the same way about running – “Treating exercise as a means to be more, as opposed to viewing it as a never-ending struggle to be less, is absolutely a game changer.”

From 16st smoker to elite marathon runner – Telegraph
Six years ago Steve Way was an overweight smoker with high blood pressure and felt he’d lost his lust for life. He took up running and discovered a natural talent for it. This week he competed for England in the Commonwealth Games marathon and came tenth!

Half-Marathon; Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Body – The Z-Axis
“I went from seeing my body as a drag, a weight – literally – a stigma, a something-that-wasn’t-good-enough, to seeing it as a vessel of physical power. This body can carry me places. It can do amazing things. Yesterday, it ran 13 miles as the sun rose through a beautiful valley. It carried me across the finish line. It can do it again. And again.”

8 Things I Learned From Being A Contestant On The Biggest Loser – Isabeau Miller on Mind Body Green
Nice honesty and wisdom from Isabeau about life after she lost 113 pounds on the show  – “Being overweight isn’t what holds you back from living your life: Being ashamed about being overweight is what holds you back from living your life. And once you stop feeling ashamed and start feeling alive, I promise the momentum of your happiness will drive you to make choices that allow you to become more alive, more excited, and more capable.”

Pictured above is Julia crossing the line at Ironman Zurich. Congratulations to her and Paula G!

If you’ve spied a story or have one of your own to share, please give us a shout. 

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    Love, love, LOVE this picture! Go, Julia, go!