HAM Plan – Day 9


I got up super early this morning to go to… Venice! Piero had to leave in the late afternoon to work away for a few days and Evan wanted to stay home… so it was girl time! I had breakfast with Piero  then drove to the train station. It only takes two hours to get to Venice. I listened to a podcast while flipping through a magazine… the time flew by.

I had one meeting and a lunch to go to. The meeting was with my new friend Edith Zuschmann who organizes a women’s race in Austria. We were virtually introduced by Kathrine Switzer who thought we’d have a lot in common and find things to do together. She was right! Within an hour we’d dreamed up some great plans for this year. I love when connecting with someone feels great from the start.

I said goodbye to Edith who went to enjoy a cold but gorgeous Venice day, then met up with the group I’d trained for the Venicemarathon. The time flew by. The three hours seemed like 3 minutes. I’d instantly clicked with this group and have so much fun in their company. My friend Erica was there also since she was part of the marathon group. We had to leave and hurry to the train station and get back home to our families!

I love this photo, taken just before ducking back into the train station outside Venice…

FOOD:  HAM Plan in place

  • Breakfast – Latte + 3 ginger cookies
  • Lunch – too many bread sticks + veal + grilled vegetables + 7/8 of a chocolate pudding thing. I was supposed to split it with Erica but she didn’t like it.
  • Dinner – Pizza + 1/4 glass of red wine
  • Exercise – none except about 6km of walking around Venice
  • Weight – *-0.1 kg*


Quiet day here, except for my muscles which are whining noisily after those weights yesterday. Got the Christmas tree out and tried a fab new veg-packed curry recipe.

  • Breakfast – Latte. Greek yogurt with pear, almond butter and drizzle of maple syrup
  • Lunch – Chicken & vegetable broth (from a tin; it tasted grim) + wholemeal bread roll
  • Dinner – Vegetable Korma with basmati rice
  • Exercise – Zippy 30 mins walk to enjoy the sunny day.

Christmas tree and curry

  1. half
    I love reading these updates.... most inspiring!! And I have downloaded the vege korma recipe. I may even cook it this evening.
  2. half
    Not sure how that happened. I am Paula P not half!
    • Shauna
      I think it's coz you're logged into the Half Marathon wordpress blog Paula, no worries! Hope you like the curry, it's great for using up the stray veggies. I used carrots, broccoli, cauli, zucchini, leeks, peas and a potato :)
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  4. Brenda A.
    You're updates are keeping me on track! Love them! I have updates for the previous days, but I'm going to try to update on daily basis so I'm starting with the most recent day: 1. Tracking: yes, even though I every thing I ate today wasn't healthy & I went over calories a bit. 2. Exercise: Rest day. 3. Schedule: Still battling this one. I did get my meals & food organized, which will make it easier to follow the schedule this week. Lb's: ? Felt it best to stay away from the scale after company Christmas Party last night.
    • Shauna
      Very very good momentum there Brenda! :)
  5. vickie
    I had never seen the word courgette (zucchini) before Shauna's recipe. Very interesting. Recipe looks lovely.
  6. Julia
    Hey Brenda, I don't look at the calories...that would drive me batty! As long as I stay within my HAM rules I'm good to go! So glad you're doing this with us :-) j