HAM Plan – Day 5

We know there’s some fellow HAM Plan-ers out there… how are you getting on so far?


I had a client meeting in the afternoon so I knew I had to fit in my running in the a.m.. Temperatures have plummeted here and the mornings are really frosty, but once I’m out there I’m happy. I think this is something I really have to keep reminding myself of…

Today’s workout = 55:00 run

That once I’m warmed up (like after two minutes) I love being outdoors breathing in some fresh winter air. I also love that feeling of having done something for myself that day (and every day). At a certain point of my run everything got brighter and I couldn’t understand what it was, but then I saw it on the way back…

just ‘ole weeds…but bright!

On both sides of the path these new yellow weeds were popping up. It was just amazing how just that little touch of yellow brightened up that one tract of my run. It sounds silly but I thought about it lovingly all day. Running will do that for you 🙂

  • Breakfast – caffe latte + 2 rice cakes with almond butter and honey + 1 banana
  • Lunch – 1 cup of rice with veggies and broth + 1.5 apples
  • Dinner – Salad with avocado, carrots and scattered nuts + half a pomegranate + 2 mandarines
  • Weight – *+0,4kg*


Yoga class was today’s highlight. It’s in a big hall that’s also used for ballet, Highland dancing and amateur theatre rehearsals (not all at the same time). There’s four gigantic radiators along the back wall and they’re always making weird gurgling noises at awkward moments. During the relaxation our teacher was telling us to imagine laying on warm beach with the ocean calm and blue before us. Right on cue the radiators cranked up so noisily we could barely hear her serene voice. It was more like boiling mud pools at Rotorua than tranquil seas.

Today I had delicious homemade soup for lunch that I’d defrosted. SMUGFACE. For so long I yearned to be one of those organised people who have things in the freezer to grab for work and now I am living the dream!

  • Breakfast – Rice cakes with almond butter and banana (definite ab + b theme this week.)
  • Lunch – Lentil, bacon and vegetable soup. Horribly withered pink lady apple.
  • Dinner – Leftover paprika chicken & veg casserole. 35g bar milk chocolate.
  • Exercise – 60 mins yoga class

Circles on Day 5

  1. Clare Simpson
    Shauna - you are hereby inducted into the League of Soup Ladies - Welcome :-)
    • Shauna
  2. Anne
    Nothing better than living the soup dream! I'm really enjoying the daily food updates.
  3. Paula Green
    Was thinking yuk rice cakes, but then saw the picture with Almond Butter and Bananas - yum yum! Sorry you got the horrible apple Shauna, I bet Julia's was perfect lol!
  4. Julia
    I buy Fuji apples...always perfect - LOL!