HAM Plan – Day 22


I’m so glad all is well in the world and that we’re still alive. I didn’t give a lot of thought to the Mayan Prophecy but people around me would not stop talking about it. Yesterday we were in the car at 11.00 am and since we were stuck in traffic, everything was just as it should have been. The drive was loooonnnggg. Really long. It took us almost nine hours to get to our destination in Apulia.

I had a mini HAM crisis at  8.00 pm when I realized that we wouldn’t be eating dinner until 10.00. I thought about stopping to buy something to snack on but then asked myself the key question: “are you hungry?” I wasn’t, but felt I deserved to eat something after that long drive. On the other hand I also deserve to fit into my pants at the end of the month. Choice made.

This evening we went to visit our Osteopath to have Piero’s back checked out along with my leg injury. Both were taken care of within an hour and then we were taken out to dinner.  I have instructions to take it easy tomorrow but I can try running again on Monday. Hurrah!

  • Breakfast –  1 cappuccino
  • Lunch –  pasta in broth, small portion of chicken, thistles, 2 mandarines, 1 mini pastry
  • Dinner –  small antipasto + 1/2 pizza + 1/2 tiramisù + 1 coffee (Osteo took us out to eat)
  • Exercise – Run: 20 x (1′ run/1′ walk)
  • Weight – * + 0.5 kg *


Gareth and I caught up with two awesome pals for lunch, which rolled on to dinner. I meant to take some pictures of Edinburgh looking all Christmasy but it was raining like a bastard all day, morphing into that cold, multi-directional rain that laughs in the face of your “waterproof” coat as the evening wore on.

Now, time for a cuppa and some more Northern Exposure before the Holy Crap It’s Christmas Eve Eve Get Ready For The Visitors housecleaning fest tomorrow!

  • Breakfast – Latte. 1pc toast with strawberry jam
  • Lunch – Various Thai starters – papaya salad, tempura veggies, noodle things; something on a skewer? Then Massaman lamb with rice. Glass of rosé wine.
  • Drinks – Large and delicious raspberry gin and tonic
  • Dinner – ¼ serve of Malaysian chicken curry (can’t remember the name! brought the rest home as it was rather huge)
  • Weight – * 0 * from Day 1 (up from last week – overdid it a bit, plus the usual bloaty reasons!)
  • Exercise – None. Just dashing from pub to pub in the cold, eeeeevil rain 😉
Thai lunch
Thai lunch – mine is the one in the top right-hand corner, with the “boob rice” as it was dubbed.