HAM Plan – Day 7


This HAM Plan blogging is… different. I’m not used to explaining to people my food choices or what’s going on. I have to say I’m really learning from it.

Enough pre-amble! The first 30 minutes of my day didn’t go well. I woke up a little late and instead of leisure time for making my breakfast and sitting down to enjoy it I had to hurry up so I could walk my son to school. While making my coffee the first thing I spotted were the leftover pastry cookies from yesterday’s lunch. I didn’t think fast enough and before you know it I was eating one for breakfast. I don’t normally do something like this and afterwards I thought maybe it was still being upset about the cat.

As I walked back from the school I replayed the scene in my head. I wasn’t feeling bad about eating the actual cookie, but the way I had done it. In a hurry, getting it over with as soon as I could; not thoroughly enjoying the experience. Next time this happens I’ll be sure to sit down and enjoy it. Otherwise, why bother?

The morning cookie experience set the rest of the day up for me to be more aware of everything. I went to Bologna for a business meeting and afterwards I stopped at Ikea for some retail therapy. I asked myself, “What would be a non food item that would make me really happy right now?”. It turned out to be new sheets…

These will make me feel energized in the morning 🙂

… and Christmas themed blank books to scribble in.

Now that Ikea has stationary, they have everything I could want…
  • Breakfast – Pastry cookie, caffe latte
  • Lunch – ½ leftover lentil soup, 3 rice cakes, 1 Fuji apple
  • Dinner – 4 very small meatballs, oven baked cauliflower, 1 piece of cheddar cheese, 1 glass of red wine <—- awesome meal with my husband, he lit candles…
  • Exercise – 20:00 run + 10 x 100mt strides + 1km @ max + 20:00 run
  • Weight – * +0,4kg *


My boss Margaret the baking queen makes the most amazing stollen. I’m not a marzipan fan but she converted me last Christmas with her take on this Dan Lepard recipe. I must have eaten four pieces. When she rocked up to work today with a fresh batch I was faced with a HAM Plan dilemma.

“Do I have stollen for breakfast or do I have the porridge as planned?” I consulted my friend Claire, who I’ve always admired for totally non-crazy way of eating and slinky bod (d’ya think there could be a link there?!).

“Don’t eat the stollen now,” she said. “Our Christmas lunch isn’t until 3 and the porridge will fill you up, whereas if you have a bit of stollen you’ll probably want more stollen.”

Lady knows me so well! So I decided to have the porridge then take a piece of stollen home, to be enjoyed while watching The Killing tomorrow night. It’s going to be awesome.

Speaking of awesome I really enjoyed the day/night out with the team. And I just capped it off with a Skype with my Mum and Nanny.

A festive glass of wine

  • Breakfast – Homemade “instant” porridge with banana. Latte.
  • Lunch – Team Xmas Lunch: antipasti starter, turkey with all the trimmings for main; tiramisu for pud.
  • Drinks – Glass of wine at the pub later on. Few sips of some cocktail concoction (was it Wow Wow or Pow Pow or Woo Woo? Whatever its name it was minging so I gave up)
  • Dinner – Not required!
  • Exercise – None. I know! I could say I’m just about to pop on a Jillian DVD at 11pm but that would be lying. I’ll double up tomorrow!
  1. Jo
    I am loving getting a little insight into both of your days and the choices you make. Somehow connecting with what is going on in other people's heads makes it easier to think through better/more mindful choices myself... "Shauna decided to eat her porridge instead of stollen, so I can too" or "Even Julia has a treat now and then, it just has to be enjoyed". Plus Julia you have just reminded me of how yummy baked cauliflower can be - I first tried it when you shared a recipe for it somewhere ages ago, but haven't cooked it in a while :)
    • Shauna
      Thank you Jo! After 11 months of not very consistent efforts, I'm amazed at how the HAM has helped me to slow down and think more about what I'm doing. About time ;)
  2. Anne
    So many lovely things here. Dan Lepards recipes look fabulous. Another series of The Killing - I can't wait! The colours on those sheets are beautiful. I'm really enjoying the HAM plan, it's already made me think about how much I snack!
    • Shauna
      Anne! Dan is the man. And he's an Aussie too. Killing 3 is brilliant so far. Better than Killing 2 IMHO. Ahh the tension, the tension!!!
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