HAM Plan – Day 20

Can’t believe we’ve racked up 20 days on the HAM Plan! If you’re new to the blog here’s the lowdown on what we’re up to this month…


Every year Evan and I make Christmas cookies for his classmates. I like to give him the opportunity to do something for all the children and teachers that he spends most of his day with. We picked basic sugar cookies to cut into trees. Evan had the idea to write their names on them…

26 classmates + 3 teachers = 29 trees

I used the “chew a piece of gum” technique while I made these in order to avoid absent minded dough eating. It worked. After I had finished and cleaned up I sat down and enjoyed two of them (baked) because this ain’t called the HAM plan for nothing!

  • Breakfast – 10 walnuts + 1 mandarine + 2 Xmas cookies + coffee
  • Lunch – 1 portion of delicious sicilian pasta (company lunch) + coffee
  • Dinner – Zucchini Frittata + parmesan cheese + 1 apple + sips of wine (4?)
  • Exercise – None, 400 km of driving…
  • Weight – * + 0.5 kg *


Last day in the office for the year, kapow! It was the usual frenzy to get everything finished (it’s our busiest time) and I engaged in some very un-HAMmy eating. But brought it back into line with a walk and cooking a wholesome dinner. Now I’m curled up quietly with a small glass of port and a Northern Exposure DVD but inside I’m bellowing, WOOHOO! HOLIDAY TIME BABY!

  • Breakfast – Latte. Banana and 10 almonds (gobbled at desk. off my porridge at the moment for some reason).
  • Lunch – Crappy turkey sandwich bought from M&S. 4 Percy Pig sweets from the Junk Table at work.
  • Dinner – Lamb, new potatoes, cabbage greens. Mince pie! Small glass of port.
  • Exercise – 30 mins walk. Bit of a half-arsed effort today!
Christmas clock
The annual Oz-ing up of the clock for Christmas
  1. ChezJulie
    I am really impressed with how you all have been avoiding snacking during the HAM Plan. HOW DO YOU DO IT? Snacking is a big bugaboo for me. Also, I have to laugh when I read the words HAM Plan. I am involved with the hip hop community in my work, where HAM stands for something else. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=H.A.M I think that meaning also applies to you ladies! Shauna, loves the Aussie ornaments.
  2. Clare
    Love Northern Exposure! I'm rewatching season 5 at the moment. Chris in the morning **love** :-)
    • Shauna
      We're rewatching S5 toooo! I love Chris in the Morning... swoon! Edit: it's actually season 6, I need some sleep :p