Blog Tour: FitBody Fifty

Today we’re hanging out at FitBody Fifty, home of Kerryn Woods, personal trainer and all-round awesome woman from Melbourne, Australia. We were ¬†delighted that Kerryn was up for being a spot on our wee Blog Tour!

The evolution of Kerryn

I love how Kerryn says on her About page, “Don’t tell me I look ‘good for my age’. I might just smack you with a dumbbell”. Both Kerryn and Our Julia are living fit and feisty lives that are bloody inspiring regardless of their age.

In her post Julia tells the tale of celebrating her Big 5-0 in style with a swim across the Messina Straits – that’s the toe of Italy over to Sicily!

Click here to read her story…

  1. Kerryn Woods
    Ah, you're welcome,ladies! It's an honour to be a stop on your blog tour. And I LOVE Julia's story... I'm inspired to find myself a new goal for my own birthday at the end of the year. Thanks again for the virtual visit! :)