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A misty marathon meetup in Inverness

Where Up & Runners run, Up & Running cheer squads may follow. Last weekend when Italian Sara (who did our first 5K Course in 2011) ran the Loch Ness Marathon as her debut 26.2 miler, she had an Alumni crew on hand to jump around and cheer her like loonies. Only slightly more loony than this great inflatable… [Read More]

U&R Superstars: Gill Bland rocks the London Marathon

What does it take to get that London marathon medal? Baking blogger extraordinaire Gill Bland takes us behind the scenes of sixteen weeks of our one-on-one Marathon coaching – the miserable winter days, the shift work, the ups and downs… and ultimately, a truly awesome day out in London! 1. How did you first get into running? I… [Read More]

Women Who Make America: Kathrine Switzer

My dear friend Kathrine Switzer sent me an email the other day to let me know that she’s been interviewed for the excellent PBS series Makers. It’s absolutely beautiful. There are actually two videos to watch. The first is the profile on Kathrine. The second is entitled Women Who Make America. Kathrine’s 1966 Boston Marathon… [Read More]

Anne the Accidental Marathoner

The pink pompom emoticon  got a serious workout on the Up & Running Alumni forum last weekend as we tuned in to read a hotly-anticipated race report — Anne from Adelaide had ran her first marathon in Philadelphia. Both Julia (who coached Anne for the race) and I had followed her progress via text updates and… [Read More]

Venicemarathon 2012

We have SO many things to talk about here in the Up & Running world, but before I move on I have to tell you about the last weekend in October, in Venice, Italy. I’ve been working for Venicemarathon since 1997. One of my first ideas was to bring in pacers, a novelty in the running… [Read More]

A day at the London Marathon

I got a giant blister on my pinky toe at Mile 25 of the London Marathon! Alas, only from spectating! 😉 I was there with my pal Philippa “Skinny Latte” Moore to cheer on our brave warrior Cilla, who’d come all the way from Melbourne to run her first marathon. After cheering ourselves hoarse at… [Read More]

NYCM 2011: Marathon Preamble

This summer I was into my very first month of marathon specific  training for NYCM ’11 when I felt something “off” in my right hamstrings. A lot of people think that the most successful athletes are the ones that run fast or have a handle on their nutrition, but truth be told the really lucky… [Read More]

Congratulations Philippa – London Marathon runner!

We love a good marathon race report here at Up & Running and we couldn’t resist sharing this one in particular. Philippa Moore is an Australian living in London who is a pretty kickarse kind of lass. She’s not only maintained a 30 kilo weight loss for five years, she’s also transformed from couch potato… [Read More]