Running Roundup #13

Running Roundup

Here is your Friday inspiration slash procrastifaffy link-o-rama!

My long running affair – The Unfinished Sentence
Margaret reflects on five years of running – “Through running I have discovered strengths in myself I did not know I had, and have made friendships that have seen me through good times and bad. What other pastime allows you to share laughter, bare your soul or solve your worries at 8am on a weekend morning and keeps you fit and burning calories by way of a bonus?”

You’re Not As Busy As You Say You Are Hanna Rosin @ Slate
“My God, people are competing about being busy,’ Burnett realized. “It’s about showing status. That if you’re busy, you’re important. You’re leading a full and worthy life. As if you don’t get to choose, busyness is just there. I call it the nonchoice choice. Because people really do have a choice.’”  Thank you Anne for sharing the link.

The Toughest Race on Earth – Dominic Croft @ Running Junkies
Can you imagine running 251 km (156 mi) over six days through the Sahara desert? GB Ultra-Distance athlete Dominic did just that in the 13th Marathon Des Sables, the ‘toughest race on earth’. His story is serialised on the Running Junkies blog. By the way, if you fancy it, Coach Julia has trained athletes for this race!

Banana walnut baked oatmeal – Shutterbean
I made this easy, keep-you-full-til-lunchtime breakfast last Monday, leaving out the maple syrup and adding extra stewed apples instead. It kept well for the whole week – I just microwaved a portion then added a blob of Greek yoghurt. There’s nothing better than waking up and realising there’s something tasty waiting for breakfast! It would be perfect for after a morning run.

If you’ve spied a story or have one of your own to share, please give us a shout.

Spotted these flowers in a cafe… it's our corporate colours!
Spotted these flowers in a cafe… it’s our corporate colours!