Running Roundup #11

Running RoundupHere’s some marvellous distractions for any Mondayitis sufferers out there!

  • 10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out – Brynn @ Wellfesto
    “And when it comes to exercise, I want her to grow up seeing it as a joy, and not a utility…as a gift, and not a chore…as an opportunity, not an obligation.  I want her to do it for the love of it, not to fit into a dress…” A wonderful read. Thanks for the link, Katherine E!
  • The Year of Running – Erin Shea
    After ten years of being a runner, Erin reflects on an awesome 2013: “So I didn’t lose weight or do anything dramatic. I just tried harder. I focused on being more consistent with my training, and allowing myself to be uncomfortable when I did. There was never a time when it wasn’t fun or interesting, but there were plenty of times when it sucked. But more and more, with each and every run, it made more sense to try than not.”
  • New Guinness World Record for longest scarf knitted while running a marathon – Guardian
    12ft and six hours, can you believe it? He used a garter stitch, if you were curious (via Irene)
  • Frankfurt Marathon & Pretzel Run – Lazy Girl Running
    “If you think marathons are painful and something to be endured, watch this. It IS possible to have fun running 26.2 miles.” (link via Philippa)
  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Reinventing Yourself – Tech Crunch
    It takes time and there will be freak outs. A very smart and reassuring post, which Coach Julia sent to me after a recent major freakout. Hehe.

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