HAM Plan – Day 11


I was woken at midnight by my son being violently ill. Between moving him to another bed and doing the clean up I wasn’t finished until 2AM… and wide awake. I read for awhile then fell back to sleep. He came running in at 8 to say he was late for school! I told him to get back in bed – today was a stay home kinda day.

I was pondering the HAM Plan while awake this morning and felt a shift in perception. It feels like by allowing myself to eat whatever I want (within self-imposed HAM rules) I’m feeling less… uptight… about my food choices. I’m loving the slowing down and I’m not thinking much about food, except at mealtimes. I also have to say, I’m never hungry. Not sure what this means; I’ll think about that some more…

  • Breakfast – 300 ml milk + 40 gr muesli + 1 banana
  • Lunch – 60 gr brown rice + broth and vegetables + 60 gr cheese + 1 fuji apple
  • Dinner – More broth and vegetables + 50 gr beef + 1 fuji apple + 1 glass of red wine + 1 cookie
  • Exercise – None; busy taking care of sick son
  • Weight – * +0.5 kg *

While Skyping with Shauna she told me to celebrate the launch of our Training Diary. I obeyed and had a glass of wine with dinner!



Eating disorder pigeons

Three highlights today (diary aside):

  1. The trees across the field chock full of Eating Disorder Pigeons this morning
  2. Unexpected avocado in the fruit bowl + heel of the bread loaf = brilliant brekkie.
  3. New recipe from Good Food mag (not online yet) – a chicken butterbean stew with lots of peppers and paprika. One of those easy “sautee and shove in oven” ones, and healthy too!
  • Breakfast – Latte. Later on, grainy toast with avocado and squeeze of lime.
  • Lunch – Lentil soup. Apple. (I’ve had a flaming gutful of apples so bought satsumas for tomorrow!)
  • Dinner – Chicken and butterbean stew. 40g chocolate.
  • Exercise – 30 mins very brisk walk because it was so bloody cold! I thought my thighs were going to snap off.

Avocado toast and Butterbean stew

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  2. Frances
    Hope Evan is all better now! Is nice to have that extra day off :) And now that I think about it, the HAM plan rules strike me as very Geneen Roth, who is a very wise lady, but perhaps not as handy with acronyms as you two!!