Running Roundup #1

Running RoundupWelcome to Running Roundup, in which we highlight awesome running stories we’ve found around the web. If you’ve spied a story or have one of your own to share, give us a shout!

Before we get started I have to ask: is it round up, roundup or round-up? Professor Google is not providing me a definitive answer!

  • Race 2:  Run Melbourne – Momo @ Streak of Genius
    Momo is currently in training for Australia’s most famous run, the City 2 Surf, guided by none other than Coach Julia “Obey Me” Jones! In this post Momo recaps her first 10K race in her inimitable hilarious fashion. Go Momo Go!
  • Peeping Gnomes running adventures – Sara
    Peeping Gnomes charts the running exploits of Italian photographer Sara, and her husband Ale. An Up & Running 5K graduate, Sara says on her About page, “Julia and Shauna did some kind of Jedi tricks on me and 8 weeks later I have run my first 5k and I’m working towards my first 10k”. Then she lured Ale into the running cult! A must-read blog for the witty training reports and ultra stylish LOLcatish photos.
  • Light Up The Night Run Recap (I’m A Runner!) – Dubya Wife
    Mrs Dubya ran her first 5K at the Fitbloggin conference in May but this week she ran her first registered race. There is something about pinning a number on your chest that screams Real Runner! She rocked the race in a pink tutu and a mile-wide smile. Fabulous work, Dubya Wife!
  • Learning To Ride A Bike – Kris @ The Heart & Humour Of Being Human
    Not a post about running, obviously, but I had to share because Kris is my hero right now! As a fellow very very new cyclist I’m so inspired by her tenacity and braveness. Onya Kris!
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  2. Kris @crazy_kris
    Omg! When I saw this I thought, "what?" you know I can't wog past 5 minutes! Seriously you are so sweet! I wouldn't call myself a cyclist exactly, but Im not shifting backwards as much :) I'm in the woods now and practicing in fern lined forests which is very nice! Thanks again for your kind mention!
  3. Momo
    How awesome is everyone you've linked to there (aside from myself. Well maybe AS WELL AS myself, if I steal some awesome from everyone else). Peeping Gnomes is my new favourite blog. Those photos are a hoot.