May day! May day!

One day last Fall I was pondering 2011… “Mmmm Julia, now what are you going to do for your 2011 challenge?” In the last few years I’ve come accustomed to doing an athletic event a year  that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Last year it was swimming the Messina Strait, and  for 2011 I wanted something just as interesting.

I had pretty much pinned it down to be a 70.3  triathlon. For those that aren’t accustomed with the triathlon distances, the first is a sprint (750m swim/20km bike/5km run), the second an Olympic (1.5km/40km/10km). The next step is the half ironman, popularly known as a 70.3. It’s a 1.9 swim, 90km bike and a half marathon. I know, gulp!

But in my dream of dreams I also want to do a full Ironman, so I might as well start out with half the distance. I was just about to sign up for one in Switzerland when they came out with the very first 70.3  Ironman brand in Pescara, Italy. When I saw it I nearly jumped out of my seat. I signed up before I could change my mind and told nobody about it. Well, nobody except Shauna and my husband.

Fast forward to Spring 2011… three huge projects (including Up & Running) that needed 24 hours of my attention and no time for triathlon training, much less HALF IRONMAN triathlon training. All of the sudden I found myself in mid April with only eight weeks until the race and very little training under my proverbial belt.  SO! In true Up & Running fashion, I decided that I absolutely would not worry yet about the race. I would just plug away at the workouts and see how my fitness developed along the way. Yes, some workouts suck and I think to myself, “why are you even bothering?”.

Other workouts give me glimmers of hope. One of them was my bike ride yesterday. I took this picture at my 30km turnaround. The sun was shining and the clouds were hanging out in the sky and everything was beautiful. It’s times like these when I think it’s great to have a goal, but being able to get on my bike and check out clouds and sunshine on a 60km bike ride is somehow even better. I don’t know yet if I’ll be toeing the starting line in Pescara, but I’m going to really give it my best in the six remaining training weeks. Wish me luck!

  1. Jill
    Bravo Julia for taking on such an amazing challenge! I am in awe of those who can do such long tri distances. It takes a lot of stamina, courage, patience and strength! Just wondering if there are any plans to do a tri-training series with the Up & Running site in the future? I've got one sprint distance under my belt, with another scheduled for this August, and I was thinking that next year I might like to bump it up to the next level and do an Olympic. Either that or start training for a half-marathon :) Also wanted to let you know how much the current program is helping me with my running, you've really put together a spectacular plan! Each workout is challenging but manageable and I feel myself getting stronger with each and every run. Thanks!!
  2. Julia Jones
    Jill, I think we have our hands full just with the running programs! I'm so glad that our UAR 5km program is helping you improve your running. That's what we'd dreamed of... Good luck on the Tri's - I love them. So much fun :-)
  3. anji
    Good luck Julia! Later this summer (if it ever warms up here), maybe I'll ponder doing a sprint!!! :D Hope you are well!