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The 5K e-course for total beginners

Hit the ground running, on Monday 8 September

Running: it’s not just for sporty ladies with six-pack abs & bouncing ponytails. It’s for manically busy moms. It’s for intellectual bookworms. It’s for curvy girls, skinny-minnies, and everything in between. It’s a mindfulness practice. A declaration of courage, self-care & commitment.

Join our 5K e-course for beginners, and discover the transformative power of running. We’ll bring the wisdom, the how-to’s and the guidance.

You just show up — and run.

"I am so grateful to you both for creating this incredible program. I now feel fitter, happier and more motivated than I have in years. I even call myself a runner now and have so many running dreams and aspirations to pursue now and what’s even better is that I know that with Up & Running I can achieve them… where have you been all my life?"
– Cate, Australia

What you’ll receive:

  • A Warm-Up Week to set your intentions, clear out self-critical beliefs, and prime your mind for that finish line — before the workouts begin.
  • Eight weeks of practical, step-by-step PDF training plans created by expert running coach Julia Jones. Just download. And dive in.
  • Personal support in our members-only forum — post a question, and we’ll answer it within 24 hours on weekdays & 48 hours on weekends... every time.
  • The Up & Running Gear Guide for total beginners, packed with essential information on running shoes and gear.
  • Access to a private Up & Running blog packed with high-inspiration videos, self-discovery activities, stories & interviews with women who run (and seriously rock).
  • All for just £39 for a total of 9 weeks. That's about 61p per day - much less than a bar of chocolate! For other currencies, check xe.com for latest exchange rates
  • Check out our FAQs for more information on how the Course works
"Up & Running sh*ts all over Couch to 5K! Shauna and Julia should be knighted (damed?) for getting me running."
– Sas, UK

Who’s running this thing?

That would be us! Up & Running was created by expert Running Coach Julia Jones and inspirational author & Community Director Shauna Reid. We’ve got a beautiful blend of athletic prowess & community-building superpowers. Just ask our happy, healthy, highly-excitable e-course participants.

Our absolute promise.

  • We will get you Up & Running — safely. You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete or even a once-a-week jogger to join the 5K e-course. We’ve designed it with total beginners in mind. And we’ll show you how to take care of your muscles — and your mind — as you start your training adventure.
  • We are your mentors, your cheerleaders, and your biggest fans. If we could show up at every single one of our e-course participant’s 5K finish lines, we would — with frosty Gatorade, a bouquet of roses, and a gigantic bear hug.
  • We know what we’re doing — and it shows. We’ve got testimonials galore. And we treasure each one.
  • You will transform. No ifs, ands, or ever-shrinking butts about it. If you commit to the 5K training with even 50% of your heart, you will transform. Your body will change. You’ll discover new muscles you never knew existed. You’ll find inner reserves of commitment & power.
"Up & Running really has been the best thing I have done for myself in years, and not just for the running. My confidence and happiness in my own skin has increased so much and I love what my body can DO, rather than obsessing about what it looks like." – Philippa, UK

That finish line? Consider it crossed.

If you can comfortably walk one kilometre in around 12 minutes then you’re ready for our 5K e-course. If you're not quite there yet, our Up & Moving course is perfect for you.

Registration opens Monday 25 August - enter your email below to be first in line. Gift a spot to a friend. Gather your tribe. And get Up & Running.

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