Running Fuel: Baked Apples

One of my favorite winter treats is baked apples. Not the kind that have sugar, maple syrup or butter crumbles to support them. Just plain and simple apples… plus a prune! These are so easy to make and they are a fabulous post-run snack for any runner, no matter what nutrition regime you happen to… [Read More]

Winter wonderland running

When I moved to Modena over 10 years ago one of the selling points to choosing this city in the Emilia Romagna region was that it had an active running community. Local races every weekend, lots of sports clubs, plenty of parks and one really great annual running event. On 31 January Modena celebrates the… [Read More]

Coach Julia on TV

I’m not sure how the rest of the world works, but here in Italy it’s really difficult to publicize any event unless you have oodles of money. But running events don’t have large budgets unless you happen to be the New York Road Runners, and even then I’m pretty sure they have to carefully count… [Read More]

Jumping in to 2012

One of the questions we’re always asked at Up & Running headquarters is: “How do you work together when you live 2000 kilometres apart?” We always answer that the Internet and Skype are important tools. We also try to meet up at least three times a year for face-to-face meetings in fun places between our… [Read More]

A different light

Every year for the Holiday season we travel down to the  southern region of Apulia (think heel…) in Italy to be with my husband’s family. Most of my friends envy me because the weather is slightly warmer than up north. That’s not always the case. I still have to wear a winter coat and sometimes… [Read More]

Up & Running gift certificates

Looking for a last minute holiday gift idea? Stumped for ideas for that sporty person in your life? Why not treat them to an Up & Running gift certificate? They’re available for our 5K or 10K e-courses and can be redeemed on either our Spring, Summer or Fall 2012 sessions. You also get a snazzy… [Read More]

2012 Courses now on sale!

Woohoo! Registration is now open for our Spring 2012 5K and 10K Courses, which both start in the first week of March 2012. Places are limited – register now to claim your spot and get your 2012 off to a cracking start!

NYCM 2011: The Finish Line

As I ran over the finish line I looked at my watch: 5:01:57. My first asinine thought was “Where could I have saved two minutes?” followed by “five hours ago you didn’t know if you’d make it to the finish line so shut up.” End of conversation. I got my medal and thanked the volunteers… [Read More]

Running NYCM 2011

I stood on the Verrazzano Bridge lined up with the second wave of runners and sang “America the Beautiful”.  I closed my eyes for a minute just to feel the moment. I was calm and happy to just be there. Plus, lately when I line up for a marathon I tend to forget my one… [Read More]

NYCM 2011: Marathon Preamble

This summer I was into my very first month of marathon specific  training for NYCM ’11 when I felt something “off” in my right hamstrings. A lot of people think that the most successful athletes are the ones that run fast or have a handle on their nutrition, but truth be told the really lucky… [Read More]