Category: HAM Plan 2012

Ham Plan – Day 3

Get the lowdown on the HAM Plan here. Julia My Monday was/is crazy and mixed up. All my planned work projects got sidetracked due to sick cat, two projects taking longer than I thought and son’s swim lesson going on an hour longer. But all is good with the HAM Plan! Having my three meal… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 2

Wondering what this HAM Plan business is all about? Check out the Introducing the HAM Plan post… Julia This morning I had to bring my 9 year old son to a basketball tournament. My first thought was, “What can I make for breakfast that will give him energy for hours?” The answer was Pancakes! I… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 1

Happy December everyone! We’re off and running with our HAM Plan… Julia I wanted to explain why I chose these particular HAM rules. First, I do love to eat. I enjoy the ritual of cooking for myself and family. I love sitting down and enjoying a meal. I usually don’t have too many problems here…. [Read More]

Introducing the Christmas HAM Plan

Throughout November on our Alumni Forum I’ve kept up what was dubbed the BUGOYA Plan. It sounds like a fancy Russian ballet group but it’s actually the acronym for the “Buck Up and Get Off Your Ass” Plan. I needed something to keep me going during this rainy fall month and BUGOYA really helped me… [Read More]