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HAM Plan – Day 13

Julia Tonight was Christmas evening at our son’s school. There’d be a class play and then carols sung by the children. The girl’s parents were asked to bring something sweet and the boy’s something salty. I wanted to bring something that everybody would eat but I also had to work all day so didn’t have… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 12

Julia Over breakfast this morning Evan asked me to feel his forehead. He felt fine but I got the message that he wanted one more day at home and I decided to give him that. I’ve been feeling a bit off too. Not physically but mentally. I’ve been really sleepy and that’s a like a… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 11

Julia I was woken at midnight by my son being violently ill. Between moving him to another bed and doing the clean up I wasn’t finished until 2AM… and wide awake. I read for awhile then fell back to sleep. He came running in at 8 to say he was late for school! I told… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 10

Woohoo, we made it to double figures on the HAM Plan. Momentum rules! Julia Day TEN, one third there! I’m solo parenting this week while Piero is working with a group of athletes down south. I got Evan to bed early last night and today I was out of bed at 6AM. Edith brought me… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 9

Julia I got up super early this morning to go to… Venice! Piero had to leave in the late afternoon to work away for a few days and Evan wanted to stay home… so it was girl time! I had breakfast with Piero ┬áthen drove to the train station. It only takes two hours to… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 8

Julia I woke up to snow this morning and it instantly felt like a winter holiday… which it is! Here in Italy we celebrate the Immaculate Conception on December 8th which also happens to be my Dad’s birthday. Happy 81 Dad! This morning I had one of my favorite dishes from our trip to Amsterdam…… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 7

Julia This HAM Plan blogging is… different. I’m not used to explaining to people my food choices or what’s going on. I have to say I’m really learning from it. Enough pre-amble! The first 30 minutes of my day didn’t go well. I woke up a little late and instead of leisure time for making… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 6

Julia Today started out sucky as my husband woke me up at 6.00 am to tell me that our kitty had passed away during the night. He had a fatal virus, it was totally expected… but I just didn’t think it would happen so fast. We put him temporarily outside while our son was up… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 5

We know there’s some fellow HAM Plan-ers out there… how are you getting on so far? Julia I had a client meeting in the afternoon so I knew I had to fit in my running in the a.m.. Temperatures have plummeted here and the mornings are really frosty, but once I’m out there I’m happy…. [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 4

Julia Day 4 done and dusted! I stayed within my HAM rules and got in a forty minute run. The rest of the day was spent scrambling around for work and kids. This also arrived: …our first Christmas gift basket! Ach! My husband dove into a chocolate covered nougat right away. Normally the basket would… [Read More]