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HAM Plan – Day 23

Julia Shauna sent me a quick note yesterday, “How do you cook thistles?”. You boil them first, and then they can be baked. They’re really good mixed with bread crumbs and olive oil to give them a crunchy texture. The edible part is the stem which tastes  similar to an artichoke. The BBC even has… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 22

Julia I’m so glad all is well in the world and that we’re still alive. I didn’t give a lot of thought to the Mayan Prophecy but people around me would not stop talking about it. Yesterday we were in the car at 11.00 am and since we were stuck in traffic, everything was just… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 21

Julia I won’t be doing a proper update today because I’m traveling by car down to the south of Italy. We have to cover more than 800 km (500 miles) and since my husband is having back problems I will mostly likely do all of the driving. I’ll be back tomorrow reporting from warmer climates!… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 20

Can’t believe we’ve racked up 20 days on the HAM Plan! If you’re new to the blog here’s the lowdown on what we’re up to this month… Julia Every year Evan and I make Christmas cookies for his classmates. I like to give him the opportunity to do something for all the children and teachers… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 19

Julia I feel very sorry for my poor husband. About 15 years ago he met this total babe. She used to be so excited to be in his presence that she would do everything she could to make herself casually attractive. She was always dressed simple, sexy and gorgeous. She was regularly preened, clipped, and… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 18

Julia Merry Fake Christmas! Every year we go down to my husband’s family down south for the holidays. I love going there and by now it’s a tradition, but his family sort of takes over and I feel lost in it all. So,  many years ago we started to have our own little celebration before… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 17

Julia Yesterday my friend Lucia C. texted me asking if I wanted to go swimming with her the next morning. Hmmm…morning… On one hand I knew it was the kick in the ass that I needed. On the other, swimming on a December morning give me the shivers just thinking about it. I knew what I… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 16

Julia I woke up this morning with a little muscle achiness. I’m pretty sure it was the Paula Radcliffe routine from yesterday rather than the gentle yoga with Baron. Today I had my plan in place; earlier I reached out to a few of my girlfriend runners asking if anybody wanted to go on a… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 15

Julia In an effort to get myself back on exercise track I did two workouts. First up was a Yoga DVD with Baron Baptiste. It felt good to be getting into poses again but he annoyed me in the tape for two reasons. First, he kept talking like we were in the ’70’s, saying stuff… [Read More]

HAM Plan – Day 14

Julia I was going to do a post about comedy, but then the news of the awful shooting in Connecticut came through and it somehow seems inappropriate. I’ll save it for another day… My exercise is a slightly diminished in these days because I’m injured. I’m having a problem with my left leg (near hamstrings)… [Read More]